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The Immortals Of Mehula 2: The Secret Of The Nagas Review

The secret of The Nagas is the sequel of super successful book The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi. We have always worshiped and looked upon Shiva as a lord of destroyer. But Amish as presented him as Man who is destined  to protect its people by destroying evil and become a Lord who will be worshiped.

Amish continued with same concept but this time his second novel The Secret of the Nagas shows that he has done deep research on history and got its geographical facts straight.

The book has all the masala which makes it very suitable for the adaptation in movie. It has treachery, betrayal, deceit, action and lots of drama along with romance which takes Shiva and Sati’s relation one step further.

The story begins at the same point where it was left in The Immortals of Meluha. Shiva’s friend Brahaspathi was killed by Nagas and they were also posing threat on Sati’s life as well. In order to save Sati and take revenge, Shiva goes in search of Nagas. From here begins Shivas quest to find the real truth about the Nagas. Hi journey unfolds many secrets which provide the required twist to the story and keep the reader engrossed into the novel.

What will happen next will always be in the mind. The novel is written in a very easy flowing style and the language of the normal is informal. Normally, when we watch mythological serials, language is formal and such heavy words are used which are not generally used in day to day life. But that is not a problem with this novel.

The story of novel The Secrets of Nagas is not as strong as The Immortals of Meluha but still it is worth a read and engrossing. It is also critically acclaimed and a bestseller. The film adaptation of the novel in on cards and soon we could see the novel on silver screen.

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