Flash Mob at Auckland and Mumbai on Kolaveri di song in Latest Movie and Celebrity News

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Flash Mob at Auckland and Mumbai on Kolaveri di song

Till now we were showered with the different kolaveri di version coming in different language from all across India people were using it to express their feelings and raising issues with this song be it political economical or emotional. All where getting their outlet through this song Kolaveri di. Not only kolaveri di but even its various versions were also getting equal popularity and hits on internet.

So this was the story of various version of kolaveri di coming up almost everyday but now in Auckland New Zealand a flash mob was organised on Indian Musical at Britomart Queens street. The flash stars with three guys dancing with many joining them as the song progress.Check out the videos though both videos are covers from the same flash mob but from different angles so you can see what missed in the other video.


But flash mob in Auckland cannot match the number of people their energy and enthusiasm of the flash mob organized in  Churchgate, Mumbai at evening. The flash mob was organized by Mumbai Mirror lead by Dhanush. When Dhanush started he was joined by three hundreds of younsters singing with Dhanush the song kolaveri di. Thousands of people both into the station and also outside became the spectator to this mob. Choreographed by ace choreographer Terrance Lewis, the group comprised of college students, office-goers, housewives and a couple of foreigners. All had practiced for the last three days for the performance and had taken out time to be part of the mob.The spectators went mad to watch Dhaush and singing Kolaveri di which has became the younganthem of the country.But the show did not end there. The youth around weren’t willing to let go of the Kolaveri di singer, so the crowd moved to Oval Maidan, a playground close to the station and the madness continued out in the open.


If you remember Mumbai also witness its first flash mob on 27th November where 200 younsters gathered on CST and danced on Rang de Basanti track.

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