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Release date of 3

Release date of 3 is further postponed from 30th March to 6th April so that the movie doesn’t clash with any other big movie.

Earlier the news was confirmed by Rajinikanth that 3 will be released on 30th March 2012 after many delays for numerous reasons.

Dhanush and Shruti Hassan starer movie 3 which was  scheduled to release on 3rd Feburary,2012 has now been postponed. Tamil Film Producers Council’s (TFPC) has decided  to help the small budget movies to do well. There are around 50 films ready to be released but are not getting theatres show their film since all want to showcase big budget movies. In lieu to save the interest of small budget movie TFPC has decided that big budget movie could be released on big festivals like Sankranthi, Tami New Year, May Day, Independence Day, Diwali and Christmas. Now this decision has affected the release of big budget movie like 3, Saguni etc.

3 which became very the most awaited movie in south and rest of India due to the famous song Kolaveri di could now see the day light on 6th April 2012. The shooting of this romantic movie is completed so is the shooting of famous Kolaveri di song. The movie is already has become very popular due to the song Kolaveri di.Films like Ra One which spends crores to get the publicity this tamil movie has got all the hype without much ado. But for some reason or other the release date has been postponed.

Ashwariya is also planning to release the movie in other parts of the country with English subtitlesand the movie will also be  dubbed  in hindi

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