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Mallika Arora Khan in Ankarkali Disco Chali of Housefull 2

After Munni Badnam hui Mallika is all ready to leave her salim’s lanes to enter into the disco. This is what the songs says of Housefull2. Mallika will be featuring in an item song Ankarkali Disco Chali of Housefull 2. She has been sizzling in the skimpy clothes. The song is sung by Mamta Sharma, Sukhwinder Singh. Sajid and Wajid Ali has given the music. Wajid Ali has also deliver his voice for the song Right now now

Here are the lyrics and the song Anarkali disco Chali

Jhoomar bhi main bhool gayi
Jaan-e-jaan tere liye
(Wah wah kya bol rahi ho)
Arey jhumka bhi main bhool gayi
Jaan-e-jaan tere liye
Arey main toh sab-kuch bhool gayi
Jaan-e-jaan tere liye
Tere liye… tere liye… tere liye….
(Haa toh phir kya hua)

Arey chhod-chhad ke apne salim ki gali
Oye hoye!
Arey chhod-chhad ke apne salim ki gali
Anarkali disco chali
Arey chhod-chhad ke apne salim ki gali
Anarkali disco chali

Arey dekh ke tujhko
Mujhko machi re khalbali
Anarkali disco chali
Chali re chali, disco chali
Anarkali disco chali

Baby rock the night
On the floor hold it tight
Anarkali rock the floor, tonight

Ek mujhko
Deewaron mein..chunwaaya aa..
Mere dil ki dhadkan pe
Laakh pehre lagwaaya aa aa..
Mujhko pyaari azaadi
Qaid mein ab nahi rehna
Zulm zaalim wahesi ka +
Ab na mujhko hai sehna
Mujhko hip-hop sikha de
Beat ko top karaa de
Thoda sa trance baja de
Mujhko ik chance dila de
Main ghoom loon, main jhoom loon
Main jhoom loon

Arrey chhod-chhaad ke apne salim ki gali
Aaye haye!
Chhod-chhaad ke apne salim ki gali
Anarkali disco chali

Arrey dekh ke tujhko dil mein machi re khalbali
Anarkali disco chali
Chali re chali, disco chali
Anarkali disco chali
Anarkali disco chali

Hogi mashoor..ab toh
Teri meri love story
Teri mujhko
Maar daala..chori
Thoda sa de attention
Mitaa de meri tension
Aag tera badan hai
Tere touch mein jalan hai
Tu koi atom bomb hai
Mera dil bhi garam hai
Thanda thanda cool karde
Beautiful bhool karde
Arey tu hai dawaa
Har dard ki har dard ki

Arrey chhod-chhaad ke apne salim ki gali
Aaye haye!
Chhod-chhaad ke apne salim ki gali
Anarkali disco chali

Arrey dekh ke tujhko dil mein machi re khalbali
Anarkali disco chali
Chali re chali, disco chali
Anarkali disco chali
Chali re chali…

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Sexy Hot Veena Malik on Demand

Over 71,000 bachelors all over the world are aspiring to marry Veena Malik. This is an overwhelming for the Pakistani controvery queen Veena Malik. According to Imagine not only India but many from other countries like Poland, Pakistan, UK and US has also shown their interest in marring Veena. It is due to all the controversy she has created in the past.

By comparison it is nearly 23,000 more than the last season which had Ratan Rajput as the bride. The Pakistani controversy queen can now boast of being the most in demand among others. Rakhi Sawant (30,000), Rahul Mahajan (43,000) and Ratan Rajput (54,000), were the previous contestants.

Among these 70,000 entries, however, only 116 entries were shortlisted of which Veena selected 40. She is yet to choose 16 finalists from among them. Unlike Rakhi Sawant and Ratan Rajput, Veena is full intended to marry on the show and is definitely in search for her soul mate.

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Pictures of Ek Tha Tiger

Check out the latest pics of Ek Tha tiger

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Titanic 3D Trailer

While watching the Trailer of Titanic 3D it took me back to my school days. We were all crazy about Leonaro Di Caprio and used to spend whole day singing the epic song  “Every Night In My Dreams. It was like reliving those moments again but this time in 3D so much sophisticated and sharper experience than before. Something which will not change is the magic which the movie created. I still see couples posing everything in Titanic style with hands wide open breathing in fresh smile and getting ready for a smiling photo.

Click Here to watch the trailer of Titanic 3D

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Download Movie Jodi Breakers for Free

As soon as a movie releases it download comes on the internet. But they are not always good quality links. Some are hall prints and others are so irritating that it is better not to watch. But here is a very good Bly ray print quality link for the movieJodi Breaker.


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Housefull 2 Movie review

Ever wondered why Sunny Leone has had such an easy entry into Bollywood? Well, because for years Bollywood heroines have been dressing and acting like porn stars. Try Housefull 2 to see why. The actresses spend much of the time dressed in lingerie, all of them have fake pouts, enhanced by liberal doses of botox) and all of them have a tendency to slap their butts and pass it off as a dance step. The actors are no better. In Housefull 2 Akshay Kumarhas a trademark lip movement accompanied with an orgasmic “aah” which would be more suited to a porn stellar.

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There’s a little glimpse of Raj in every Kapoor. Over the years, as Shammi and Shashi developed their own styles, as Randhir harmlessly tickled, while Rishi revolutionised young romance and as Ranbir continues to blaze his town trail, the men in the family have often showed off momentary, unmistakable flashes of Raj.

Sajid Khan’s [ Images ] new film reunites Randhir and Rishi, putting them in derby hats and preposterous bowties, giving them horrible lines and offensive characters, with puerile humour and much ham on display. The only Raj we see in the lads here is the embarrassing Raj of better forgotten excursions like Gopichand Jasoos. One can imagine the Showman, peering from on high, cringing.



After being highly criticised for Housefull, Sajid Khan, who tasted commercial success for the movie, is back with yet another nonsensical, humourous trip. Riding with an even bigger star cast, this time round Sajid made sure he left no stone unturned to promote his latest directorial venture, Housefull 2.

Judging by his previous record, one wouldn’t expect a lot from a Sajid Khan movie. His main aim, as accepted by him, is to entertain, whether done by corny dialogues or an intelligently written script.

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“Housefull2” lived up to my expectations – of being a despicable film that boasts of garish performances, a mediocre, yet confusing script, and some seriously inane lines, peppered with humdrum Bollywood disco songs and twists.

It’s the tale of how two greedy brothers, who try to rope in UK’s (“Uttarakand?”) Richie Rich, aka Jolly, for their gorgeous girls, gets entangled in a chaotic case of mistaken identity. While Jolly tries to use the circumstances to help out his friend Jai and in turn play out his own romance with ladylove JLo. And, cashing in on this situation is best friends-turned-enemies Max and Sunny.

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wallpaper of son of sardar

Wallpaper of Son of Sardar

first look of son of sardarwallpaper of son of sardarThe first look of Son of Sardar has been released. As we can see and as the name of the movie suggest Ajay is flaunting a typical sardar looks in the movie. Since he is riding a horse then surely some great actions stunts would also be seen in the movie. In fact Son of Sardar is an action movie with comedy ka tadka.

The film is a remake of Telugu movie Maryada Ramanna.

Click Here to see more wallpaper of Son of Sardar.

More new posters of son of sardar has been released and seeing them shows the creativity of the team of Son of Sardar. They have given a comic look to the posters which quite innovative and reveals the funny side of the movie. So apart from some action the movie might also tickle our funny bones as well.

Check out the posters of Son of Sardar. They are worth a watch.

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The Hunger Game Trailer

The Hunger Games Movie, the first film of the trilogy  based on the novels by Suzanne Collins will be hitting theaters in the Spring of 2012 on March 23, 2012! Here is the The Official trailer of The Hunger Game. It is a adult novel and very popular among the teenagers. The crazy fans of Hunger Game is eagerly waiting for the movie to release.

Another Hunger Game trailer has been released with the focus being on Katniss training and then real game.

Recently at the premiere a sneak peek was released where Peeta was interviewed and he confesses his love for Katniss. Check it out



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olivia culpa

Olivia Culpo the New Miss USA Universe 2012

olivia culpaOlivia Culpo has been declare to be the winner of USA beauty pageant. 20 years old Olivia Culpo was Miss Rhode Island has won 61th USA beauty title ands will be representing her country in 2012 Miss Universe contest.

The Miss Universe pageant will be held in December, but a location has yet to be named.

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wallpaper of Paoli Dam

Bengali Actress Paoli Dam in Hate Story









After weeks speculation who is the bold girl in the posters of Hate Story the secret is at last revealed. This Bare Back woman is another Bong actress who is making her debut in Bollywood through Hate Story. Kaavya  is her name in the character and it is her hate story.

So now the name of the actress. Paoli made her acting debut with Bengali film Agnipariksha in 2006. She created stir in Bengali cinema by giving a nude scene in the  Bengali film Chatrak in 2011.

wallpaper of Paoli Dam


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