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Agent Vinod Review

I was virtually on a world tour, courtesy of Agent Vinod. Saif Ali Khan as Agent Vinod in the movie is behind a nuclear bomb which could bring mass destruction travels all around the world for the bomb. Russia, Moroco, New York, London, Karachi where not can’t even keep the track of the countries. 3 hours traveling through all these countries and cities was a boring tour.

There is not a single scene in the movie where murders are not done. Killing was like Yuvraj hitting one sixer after another against Stuart Broad. No plot in the movie. It was same old story of the bomb blast presented in hollywood style. There are few investor business tycoons who thinks that a nuclear bomb blast in India and Pakistan will led to world wide stock market crash and they can make even more money from that market carnage.

What was good were the acting performance of actors. Special mention and applause to the acting of Kareena Kapoor, Ram Kapoor who was almost looking like younger brother of Hagrid in Harry Potter, Kay Kay Menon etc. but the makers seems to have neglected the finer nuances and perhaps that is the reason why the film fails to impress.

Dialogues are witty and breathe life into the film. The editing is slick and perfect to make the film seem crisp.

Watch ‘Agent Vinod’ for its stylish presentation, it hasn’t got anything else to offer.

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