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Iron Man Cast 3

happy hogan

The shooting and production process of Iron Man 3 is taking place very rapidly and as the story of the movie progresses the new cast keep joining in according to the need of the script. cast of iron man3The latest entrant in the list of the cast Iron Man 3 is James Badge Dale who is hired to play Eric Savin a villain in the movie.

Eric Savin Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army step on mines and was blown up. He was converted into the cyborg Coldblood-7 by his love interest Dr. Gina Dyson and other Project: Ultra-Tech surgeons following designs by Mako. This gave him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability, and enhanced sensory systems.

Coldblood also has the ability to interface with virtually any computer system, and, by mentally entering “cyberspace,” to communicate with such systems.


iron man 3Apart from Mandrain and Eric Savin as villain, there is another powerful villain now added to the movie. His name is Firepower. He is also coldblood. This role is played by Ashley Hamilton.


happy hoganRecent rumor has now been confirmed Jon Favreau Returns to IRON MAN 3 as Happy Hogan the bodyguard of Iron Man. How big will be the role of Happy Hogan is yet to be known.



iron man 3 castAmong the others Robert Downey Jr continues to play the title role Iron Man and his human form Tony Stark. Iron man without Robert Downey Jr is unthinkable. He is so good and natural and rock solid in his iron man costum

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