Jodi Breaker Item Number on Bipasha Basu in Latest Movie and Celebrity News

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Jodi Breaker Item Number on Bipasha Basu

These days item songs in each and every bollywood movie is compulsory. They are absolute essential for the initial promotion of the movie. There are so many movie on the floors, three to four movie release every Friday, competition from hollywood and local cinema. It is tough to grab maximum eyeballs and generate hype and interest about your movie in order to ensure houseful at least for the first weekend and week. Thats why movie are released with thousands of prints to recover the maximum.

Item numbers these days have become a successful strategy to stand out in the crowd. The directors are specially shooting the song and adding them in the movie even during post production process. Bipasha Basu and R Mahadevan starer Jodi Breaker is also no exception. The director Ashwini Chaudhary seeing the effect of item song is having these days on the promotion of the movie has shot a sizzling item number ob Bipasha Basu. The teaser of the song has recently being released to create a curiosity for the movie. Check it out. The way Bipasha moves her top part of the makes it sizzling hot song. What is unique about this song is that it is named after Bipasha. Yes the song uses her name Bipasha who will teach you something. What is this something. To know that keep tuning in the site. Since even we are waiting for the full version of the song.



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