Mockingjay Pin Based on Mockingjay Book by Suzanne Collins in Latest Movie and Celebrity News

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Mockingjay Pin Based on Mockingjay Book by Suzanne Collins

Mocking jay Pin

Mocking jay PinHunger Game fantastic opening has popularized the movie and book related accessories. Mockingjay Pins are one of them. It is actually the trophy which Katniss wins at the end of the Hunger Games in the third book Mockingjay. The replica of this trophy is introduced in the form of a pin called Mockingjay Pin which is quite a rage among the youngsters.

You will find them everywhere. On school and college bags, books or clothes. Young fans of Hunger Game are flaunting them as a treasure. It is rock solid and made of durable metal so will not bend at the twist.

Since it is so popular many fake Mocking jay Pins are also available in the market duping people by making them pay double the price for the product. The original one should have the arrow crossing the circle and made of metal instead of plastic. Do make sure to buy from a reliable place. You could find it at many stores and e- stores Amazon being the one. You can check the prices at Amazon to compare with the others. So what you are waiting for. Go for it and be a proud Hunger Game fan.

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