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Movie Review of Men in Black 3

wallpaper of men in black 3

wallpaper of men in black 3The movie Men in Black 3 fail to impress both audience and crtic. The movie was not at is par like it prequels. Like Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady — and this may be the only way in the universe these two films could be compared — Josh Brolin is the real reason to see Men In Black 3.



From the Department of Inessentiality, Summer Division, comes Men in Black 3, one of those franchises that lost all creative life in the first sequel but keep drawing breath anyway, thanks to an iron lung powered by a half-billion dollars in worldwide grosses.

The concept of a secret agency devoted to controlling Earth’s undercover alien population can only seem novel once, and the Odd Couple dynamic between Will Smith’s chatty, effervescent newcomer and Tommy Lee Jones’ irascible veteran has a shelf life, too.



Men in Black was no masterpiece but it was a perfect pop-culture cocktail – one part Ghostbusters, one part The X Files, a dash of the retro hipster attitude of The Blues Brothers and just a splash of the old hardboiled detective series Dragnet.

It also boasted the inspired pairing of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, the stony-faced Texas-born professional grouch and the big-city motor-mouth. Smith bounced off Jones like a tennis ball against a wall and the result was box-office gold.\


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