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Movie Review of The Amazing Spiderman


POSTER OF AMAZING SPIDER MAN“The Amazing Spider-Man” — a reboot? Prequel? New chapter? It’s hard to decide what to call it — is pretty much different in every way from the staggeringly successful Marvel Comics-inspired trilogy that preceded it.

The basics are the same: A high school kid gets bitten by a scientifically modified spider, discovers he has newfound super powers, decides to use them as a vigilante crime fighter and takes to the streets of New York in an unforgivingly tight red-and-blue suit.



Roger Ebert shares his opinion of The Amazing Spider-Man and gives it 3.5/4 stars! This is great news for fans of The Amazing Spider-Man because Roger Ebert is arguably the most popular movie critic out there and this will surely help the Andrew Garfield incarnation of Spider-Man become more accepted in the public’s eye. Here is a synopsis of what he thought. Hit the link if you would like to view his whole review.



Unlike the earlier movies, this one begins with the mysterious disappearance of Peter Parker’s parents. Peter grows up under his kind aunt May (Sally Field) and slightly strict Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen). Ever the nerd, Peter gets bullied at school and has an incurable crush on his pretty classmate Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). One day Peter accidently discovers a bag belonging to his father and learns of his father’s connection with the scientist Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans).


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