New Version of Vande Matram by Bikram Ghosh in Latest Movie and Celebrity News

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New Version of Vande Matram by Bikram Ghosh

The legendary Tabla Maestro Bikram Ghosh has composed his own version of Vande Matram got released on 26th January, 2012 when the nation was celebrating its 63rd Republic Day. Earlier A.R. Rahaman has come up with Vande Matram Maa tujhe salam. This version was superhit and could be heard on all the national occasion.

Now Bikram Ghosh along with collaboration with Veecon Group along with the contribution of 21 other artist re-composed this beautiful song. The song has vocals by some eminent singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shubha Mudgal, Mahalakshmi Iyer , Sonu Nigaam, Palaash Sen of Euphoria fame and Indian Ocean amongst other legendary artists.

The video shows India in various colors. A dispaly of unity in diversity. “All the artistes have been shown in various Indian backdrops that are both cool as well as very rooted in our culture. While Palash rides a scooter driven by a man who has painted his face blue, there is a line that reads: “Bharat hot hai” as Mahalaxmi Iyer has some mirchi. Girish, the director of “Jal” for which Sonu and I have composed the music, has shot this video. Girish is a rockstar at work. He got 25 sets created for this purpose. I like the quirkiness of the video and the colourful and vibrant India that he has showcased,” Bickram signs off.

The six minute video was released at a special function in Delhi and shall be relayed across 60 airports and news channels on 26th January. The song encapsulates 3 flavours of Indian Music – Classical, Bollywood and Rock.  The song begins with a classical note rendered by Sonu Nigaam and explores the Indian folklore music before it takes off to the Rock version rendition by the band Indian Ocean.

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