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Review of the Movie Snow White and the Huntsman

If I was a goth teenager, then I would be gushing about this movie. But I’m not. So for all the Kristen Stewart fans, even if she looks absolutely fetching in this film, we’re sad to say that this just doesn’t cut it for her to showcase her acting prowess. For Snow White, in a way, is no different from Bella Swan of Twilight series. Except here she gets an armour, a sword and she gets to steer an army of men into battle so that she can deliver her people from darkness to light. Phew.




Had it trusted to the native charm of its cast and the sensory seduction of its often-astonishing images to humbly, naively retell its story, this Snow White might have been something special. Instead, it’s defined by an overall bagginess that betrays a lack of any abiding authorial pattern.



It’s kinda ironic, then — in a way that perhaps we feminists should actually be pleased about — that Snow White and the Huntsmanfails, in part, because its Snow White is so badly miscast. Kristen Stewart so far has not demonstrated a wide range as an actor, but some things she does very well: surliness. petulance. rage. These are not emotions that girls in real life are encouraged to express, and they’re certainly not female emotions often depicted onscreen.

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