Sexy Hot Veena Malik on Demand in Latest Movie and Celebrity News

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Sexy Hot Veena Malik on Demand

Over 71,000 bachelors all over the world are aspiring to marry Veena Malik. This is an overwhelming for the Pakistani controvery queen Veena Malik. According to Imagine not only India but many from other countries like Poland, Pakistan, UK and US has also shown their interest in marring Veena. It is due to all the controversy she has created in the past.

By comparison it is nearly 23,000 more than the last season which had Ratan Rajput as the bride. The Pakistani controversy queen can now boast of being the most in demand among others. Rakhi Sawant (30,000), Rahul Mahajan (43,000) and Ratan Rajput (54,000), were the previous contestants.

Among these 70,000 entries, however, only 116 entries were shortlisted of which Veena selected 40. She is yet to choose 16 finalists from among them. Unlike Rakhi Sawant and Ratan Rajput, Veena is full intended to marry on the show and is definitely in search for her soul mate.

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