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Breaking Dawn Cast Dolls

Now you can live with your breaking dawn cast forever. Among the breaking dawn cast Bella and Edward , Jacob and Reneesme will be immortalized as dolls for your dream house. Bella and Edward will be flaunting their wedding dresses.

Bella will be looking gorgeous in her ivory satin wedding gown with shoes and flowing hairs and Edward is looking handsome in his Tuxedo suit ready to embrace her sweetheart forever.Part from them Alice, Victoria etc dolls also available. These dolls are launched by Mettle and available on sale at

Jacob in the entire movie series was the oomph factor. With his perfect body he became the dream man with the ideal body any girl grooves on it . So as a doll we can also see and feel it in the same manner. Jacob doll will be shirtless showing his perfect body. And also he doesn’t mess up Edward and Bella he is accompanied by Reneesme half vampire half human daughter of Bella and Edward.

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