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Chikani Chameli

Chikani Chameli

Kombdi Padali…, have you heard these words before.Surely you must have heard it.It is the famous hit Marathi song whose hindi version is Chikani Chameli.Yes Chikani Chameli is the adaptation of Kombdi Padali.The original track is composed by Ajay-Atul who creates music for Marathi cinema.Vaishali Samant is the original singer of Kombdi padali song but Ajay-Atul went for Shreya Ghosal for the Chikani Chameli as they think Shreya suits for the song and this was also the production house call that Dharma Production. Such is the hidden talent in our local cinema that it attracts the main stream cinema and inspire their work.

Chikani Chameli


Ajay-Atul though not all togther a new names in bollywood .They came into attention with their music in Singham which the duo says that demands the marathi music as the movie was based in Maharashtra as its background. The duos other famous marathi tracks like Jau Dyana Ghari and Apsara Aali. These tracks also comes under the list of superhit song.


Bollywood already has many reamkes of Telugu and Tamil cinema like Wanted,Ghajani,Ready,Bodyguard etc. Even Tamil song like Kolaveri di has been acclaimed across the nation.Regional languages are included in the lyrics of the songs to give it a creative touch recent example being chamak challo of

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Agneepath’ item song: ‘Chikni Chameli’

2012 has been an item songs trend year where top bollywood heroines sizzled on the silver screen.Starting with Munni,Sheila,Jalebi Bai and latest Chammak Challo.This trend is further continued by Chikni Chameli Dharma Production forthcoming movie Agneepath staring Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt has an item song Chikni Chameli.And guess what who is this Chikni Chameli here


Yes after our super sexy Sheila and showing off her jawani in Tees Maar Khan Katrina Kaif is all set to spread fire on silver screen as Chikni Chameli in Agneepath.The movie Agneepath theatrical trailer was released with the movie Bodyguard. But this time Katrina is not a glam doll doing skin flick number but here in this song you will see her in totally different avatar in a different mood. Katrina is doing things which we have never seen her doing before.She is seen hanging from the roof, lighting up bidis, mock swigging country liquor, the works.



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