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Release Date of Spiderman 4

After numerous delays, scrapping of the script, change in the leading characters Spiderman 4 with the name The Amazing Spiderman 4 is all set to release on 3rd May 2012.

Sam Raimi has a three movie contract with Columbia Pictures for Spiderman. The trilogy was finish with Spiderman 3 and Columbia was not interested in yet another sequel of Spiderman 3. They wanted to give a fresh and new look for the movie. As a consequence they scrapped the original spiderman 4 story which has Tobey Maguire in the title role and rebooted from the beginning with all the new script.

So get ready to see all new spiderman on 3rd May, 2012

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Official Trailer of Housefull 2

Housefull movie has some confusion among the characters in understanding but Housefull 2 is all about confusion.  The trailer fail to reveal any story of the movie but what it show was only confusing. There are four pairs in the movie and all the four male characters of these pairs are named Jolly which makes me recall a bogus movie one two three where Sunil Shetty, Tusshar Kapoor and Paresh Rawal all were named Laxminarayan.

Housefull have a monkey scene with Akshay, I hope you guys remember that funny wrestling between Akshay and Money over Deepika’s phone now in Housefull 2 has crocodile snake, python don’t know what other animal we will see.

But housefull 2 songs are catchy and all three which has been released like Right Now Now, Anarkali Disco Chali, Papa to Band Bajaye are hit among the public.

Catch all the three songs and the trailer of the movie Housefull2


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Shipa Shetty is Pregnant

Winters has arrived and its time to bid goodbye to 2011.But 2011 at the end has showered some bollywood couples with the best gifts of their life. With Ashwariya and Abhishek blessed with a baby girl and Aamir and Kiran with a baby boy. Another couple is about to join the parental club. Here we are talking about Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra. Shilpa is pregnant and has enter in her third trimester. So soon we will receive another good news.


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Arabic Version of Kolaveri Di

829,903 hits for the Arabic version of kolaveri di. Almost as good as the original version sung by Dhanush. Yes 829,903 times song has been heard on you tube by people across the world. Kolaveri di is fast breaking all the borders and boundaries and going beyond it where people are accepting the song whole heartedly and many creative people like Faez Zahoor Choudhary comes up with their version of the song.

Lyrics of the song has been completely changed so is the meaning of the song.Instead of Kolaveri di Faez has used Khalli Walli. So the staring lines are Why this Khalli Walli Khalli Walli lli. So this Arabic version is not a soup song as Dhanush says but it raises sponsorship issues faced by expatriates.

Since I’m no Arabic expert so will not be able to say anything else about the song.Check it out yourself it is worth a watch I can only say this much. In singing style Faez style is the close to Dhanush style. Faez has manage to bring that drunken style of singing effect in his version a most vital reason why original kolaveri di became so viral.

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Ra.One Trailer

Ra.One Trailer

Shahrukh and Kareena with Akon Trailer has been launched as another teaser by Shahrukh to promote his ambitious superhero project It is quite  apparent that Shahrukh is worried about this huge budget movie. And his worries are also understandable.In order to ensure the movie earns maximum  in its opening weekend and further Shahrukh has come up with one marketing strategies after another.

He begin with roping in international rapper Akon and both the songs Chammak Challo and Criminal are superhit.Shahrukh has used both Akon and the songs along with Dildara to its utmost efficiency to give the movie those initial boost required.Next was The Prodigy Band and Lady Gaga.

The actor cum producer Shahrukh has launched a custom built movie channel on YouTube for his approaching pet project ‘Ra.One’. Apparently, this collaboration with YouTube will allow moviegoers to watch ‘Ra.One’ movie trailers, songs, clips, events etc officially on the online video platform.One such trailer which you tube is showing is the most unique and creative trailer you will see where Shahrukh is giving a picture of the superpowers of G.One yet not revealing much thus keeping up the suspense.You can G.One, aka SRK jumping in and out of windows, shooting down villains and much much more. The heavy duty animation combined with SRK’s famed wit makes it an amazing experience.

Check out this latest Ra.One Trailer

There is another Ra.One trailer going round which gives good glimpse of the movie and also the secretive peek into the Arjun Rampal looks at the end of the video.Here is the link

Ra.One Trailer

Shahrukh’production house has released yet another video showing the making of chammak challo.Catch it to peek inside the music studio how Vishal and Shekhar brought Chammak Challo song out of Akon and also watch Kareena shooting for the song and her take on the steps.

Here is the video

At last as Shahrukh said that RaOne will be first of itt kind movie in bollywood using You Tube for the movie promotion something which is used quite effectively in Hollywood.Ra.One has been launched in You Tube channel and I must say it is an absolute delight to watch the amazing animation done in the promotional movie.Shahrukh looks cool while explaining his various powers.

Check out the video at you tube

Kareena Kapoor has done a PHD, i mean her character in Ra one, in abuselogy. Yes you read it correct.  Its abuselogy. Sonia Subramanium the character which Kareena plays has all the slangs and abusive words in her dictionary.May be we will again see Geet of Jab We Met.Or rather a next level of  Geet.You won’t believe us.

Watch this video


To be continue

His Latest strategy  to promote Ra.One is  through Nokia.Nokia has recently launched three handsets.They are Nokia 700,701 and 601 based on NFC (Near Frequency Communication) Technology.Even Ra.One is the first NFC used technology film in bollywood.Both will be using each other for promoting one’s product.Nokia will provide exclusive content like Music,photo, trailer on all the three NFC enabled handsets.Thus win-win situation for both Nokia and Shahrukh. Nokia will get a chance en cash on the popularity of  Ra.One and Shahrukh will get another medium to reach towards people.


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Critics Review of Hunger Game

I’m not a great expert of film reviews but one scene keeps revolving in my mind and I’m finding it difficult to shook it off from my mind. It is the apple scene where Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in order to draw the attention of the people who were partying strike the apple with arrow. Her expression after aiming the apple were simply out of this world. Excellent. She scores a perfect ten!You can see that scene in the link below.

Critics Review of Hunger Game

For countless readers of “The Hunger Games,” Suzanne Collins’ dystopian adventure novel for young adults (and its follow-up volumes, “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay“), Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are hardly strangers.

Now director Gary Ross’ impressively weighty adaptation makes a sinewy and sharp-boned argument that the rest of us get to know these young denizens of Panem’s District 12.



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Pyaar ki Pungi New Agent Vinod Song Lyrics and Video


Till now we are seeing the serious side of Saif Ali Khan in the trailers of Agent Vinod. Now in the newly released song Pyaar Ki Pungi see his funny side where he is ready to become Mujnu. The song is sung by Mika Singh who has also given his voice to another funny song Bitto sabki lega . Pyaar ki Pingi is a real funny song sung in continuous rhythm with catching lines.

Here is the video and lyrics of the song Pyaar Ki Pungi.

Bangle ke peechhe hai taala
Ghusu kahaan se main saala
Laila ki khidki khuli hai
Khidki ke neeche hai naala
Khidki pe koi khada hai
Laila ka taaka bhida hai
Mazzey udaati hai..
Meri mohabbat ki smooch maar ke

O meri jaan o meri jaan
Mere ko majnu bana kar
Kahaan chal di, kahaan chal di
Pyaar ki pungi baja kar

[O meri jaan o meri jaan
Mere ko majnu bana kar
Kahaan chal di, kahaan chal di
Pyaar ki pungi baja kar]

Bangle ke peechhe hai taala
Ghusu kahaan se main saala
Laila ki khidki khuli hai
Khidki ke neeche hai naala
Khidki pe koi khada hai
Laila ka taaka bhida hai
Mazzey udaati hai..
Meri mohabbat ki smooch maar ke

O meri jaan o meri jaan
Mere ko majnu bana kar
Kahaan chal di, kahaan chal di
Pyaar ki pungi bajaa kar
O meri jaan o meri jaan
Mere ko majnu bana kar
Kahaan chal di, kahaan chal di
Pyaar ki pungi baja kar

Hmm.. sabko toh parsad baante
Main maangu toh mujhko daante
Auron pe gaalon pe pappi
Mere hi gaalon pe chaante
Laila hai girgit ke jaisi
Table pe tirkit ke jaisi
Lipstick ka thappa lagati hai
Gaalon pe smooch maar ke

O meri, o meri, o meri meri meri meri
Meri aah, O meri ooh..
Mere ko majnu bana kar
Kahaan chal di, kahaan chal di
Pyaar ki uhh! bajaa kar

[O meri jaan, o meri jaan
Mere ko majnu bana kar
Kahaan chal di, kahaan chal di
Pyaar ki pungi baja kar] – x2

P to the U to the N to the G to the I
The pungi pungi
Naye zamane ki Laila hoon main
Teri pungi baja ke rahungi – x2

Love you my honey, you’re very funny
Now spend all your money, my macho my stud
My koochi my poochi please get my Gucci
Even if you have to sell all your blood..

Haaye jhoothi kasmein jhoothe vaade
Mujhe English mein ratta kar
Kahaan chal di, kahaan chal di
Pyaar ki pungi baja kar

[O meri jaan o meri jaan
Mere ko majnu bana kar
Kahaan chal di, kahaan chal di
Pyaar ki pungi baja kar] -x2

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Anirudh to perform in IPL

It a hot breaking news. Anirudh Ravichander music composer of the super duper hit song Kolaveri di is said to be approached by big boss of IPL association to give a live performance in the inaugural of the next season of IPL. Anirudh has accepted the offer and no doubt a huge breakthrough in his career will make or  his future. Although his future already looks bright. Reports are going round that bcci will also approach Arjun Coomaraswamy and Neevan Nigam to also perform in IPL 2012. But these reports are yet to confirm. Arjun is the one who sung english version of Kolaveri di and Nevvan Nigam son of Sonu Nigam has sung milk version of Kolaveri di. Both the version are very popular among the audience.

All the Best.

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Esha Doel to get Engaged on the eve of Valentine Day

It is confirmed and super exciting news as well. Esha Deol will be soon engaged to Mumbai-based businessman Bharat Takhtani on Feb12, 2012, two days before Valentine’s Day.  It is revealed that Bharat has been a good friend of Esha from a long time but they starting dating from a year ago. Now they have decided to take their relationship on to the next level by announcing their engagement.

Bharat is a business by profession and has no connection with the film industry. He resides in Bandra. According to Hema Malini, engagement is a private affair and will take place in their home at Juhu. Preparation are on full swing. But marriage date is yet to be fixed. Esha Deol’s film career never took off even after trying in various ways. Her comeback film was Tell Me O Kkhuda.  but it was also a thud on cinema theater.


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I’ll do talking song Lyrics and Video from Agent Vinod

I’ll do the talking is an official remake of the chartbuster song  “Rasputin”, composed by German disco group Boney M. The song was released in 1977. Pritam bought the rights of the song for I’ll do talking of the movie Agent Vinod. The song is picturised in an Russian Night Club were Saif as Agent Vinod goes their for some investigation. In the song we will also see ‘Rascal’ girl Lisa Hayden’s sister Malika Hayden who  is also making debut in the Bollywood.The song is sung by Neeraj Sridhar.

Lyrics and video of the song  I’ll Do Talking

From the old school
To the new school

We keep it clean
We doing it live
From India to Russia

I’ll Do the talking tonight
Tu chini ishqe di chakh le zara
I’ll do the talking tonight
Tu Roosi goriyan nu tak lai zara

Jo hona hona hona tha
Ho chuka hai woh

Guzra hua kal hai tera
Hai tere tere tere
Jo samne hai abhi
Bas hai pal hai tera

Steal the night in hontho pe saja le
Baita kyun tanha
Feel the vibe.. jashn manale
Jeele har lamha

Na na nah… na na na na na nah..
Cash maar ke uda de zindagi ka sarah gham
Na na nah… na na na na na nah..
Jee le haqse bhula de saare reham okaram
Na na na.. na na na na nah..


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