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Kolaveri di in Punjabi Version

Raj Buttar a Punjabi munda along his friends Channi Singh, Hardeep Singh and Angrez Singh are living a dream of their life. Something they thought is only possible in their sleep is now a reality. Kolaveri di has make it possible. Thanks to kolaveri di lovers of music all these four fast friends has come up with their own punjabi version of Kolaveri di which is also loved by surfers and already has 7.5 lakh hits.

It is a light hearted song with no english words used. It has been sung in punjabi and the famous paapa paapa is replaced by ringa rniga ringa and ready 1 2 3 is replaced by ek do teen char. Ofcourse no punjabi desi song is complete without the famous balle balle. These punjabi lads manage to include even balle balle in the song.Unlike the original song along with all other versions of kolaveri di this punjabi version does not have inbuild lyrics with the video.

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PPP version of Kolaveri di song

During election political parties embrace and uses every kind of tactics to draw the attention of public towards their party citing the work they did or will do if came in the power. One such political party named People’s Party of Punjab have tried to reach to people by riding on the success of Kolaveri di. Yes PPP in short has released their version of kolaveri di named PPP.

PPP is replacing kolaveri di in this version. Other than that music and tune remain intact. Only lyrics have changed according to the party needs. Check out the song. See how Dhanush song gets paint into a political colors.

PPP accusing Congress for the underdevelopment of Punjab and promising to carve out new Punjab which will be full of vibrance and life progress and developement. 13 January 2012 is the date of election.Even i never knew about this it is mention in the lyrics of the song.

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