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Arjun Rampal as RaOne in Ra.One

Finally Arjun Rampal’s looks in the movie Ra one has been revealed.Not close to what was leaked in the market but definitely quite near to our imagination.ra oneThe costume is black and red in color.It seems to be inspired by batman and superman costume but no show off of briefs in this case.Arjun looks very hunk and macho in this costume but also ugly but bad is always ugly. So it is close to perfection.

Recently a trailer is released of Ra one first time showing Arju Rampal as Ra One. And man, after seeing it I was really afraid of Ra one.He is real ugly and dangerous.Shahrukh has kept his words.He seems to be more powerful than G one.Now the movie will really stop our breath when both the supervillian and superhero will come face to face to fight.It will be real fight to watch but for that we have to wait till 26 so for now just the trailer


As decided that Arjun Ramapl looks in the movie Ra one will be disclosed on Duserra did not take place.Instead it is said that Ra.One will be posters will be shown publically next week.So their one long week left before much awaited villian of the super sci fic movie will be launched.But people in media can’t sit quite.Arjun Rampal’s looks and costume has been revealed though not officially but it has been leaked on internet just like chammak challo song sung by Akon and Hamsika Iyer.It is said that Arjun Rampal’s costume is 4 times heavier and harder by Shahrukh’s costume.Since he is the supervillian¬† in the movie his costume color is black with red lines. symbol of darkness and danger two important factors of¬† a villian character.Even Raone’s eyes is also

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Arjun Rampal as RaOne

Arjun Rampal who is playing the title role RaOne in the movie Ra.One is all set to be revealed on the ocassion of Dussehra where Arjun will come as ravaan and of course Shahrukh as Ram. Arjun Rampal’s character looks were well kept under the carpet is said to be the biggest suspense of the movie.It is also said that Arjun Rampal as RaOne will appear to be most intimidating and dangerous.Also Arjun has massively gained the macho figure which gives an impression as someone who can control the world.Anyways apart from the looks even the costume of RaOne are kept under the warps.So we have to wait to see what suspense are stored for us and how much they keep up to our expectation or even go beyond as something unthinkable and out of the box.


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