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Kolavaeri di

Sonu Nigam’s Son Nevvan sings milk version of Kolaveri

It is only 5 days for Kolaveri to hit the internet official and many teasers are coming up almost everyday.Among one of them is adaptation of the Harwinder singh slapping Sharad Pawar episode.Check out this teaser of of Kolaveri di as Why this Kolaveri jee.It already has 7 lakhs views.

Some more remix of Kolaveri di are coming up.This time it is Karunanidhi asking why her daughter is still in prison.It is the best teaser i have seen. Check it out.And yes this one is not in broken English but video quality is not so good still worth a watch.

These days everyone is suffering from kolaveri fever.All are finding ways to cash on the craze of Kolaveri.Amul is also into the race.Though not through video and recording a teaser but Amul is using kolaveri in print ad.

Kolavaeri di You can see the Amul girl enjoing a slice of bread with Amul butter with a man probably Dhanush in a shooting break.Under Amul mascot its written Why  THi Try This Buy This




Creativeness is going rampage on Kolaveri di. DJ Adee and RJ Roshan has come up with kolaveri di in Gujrati version

Now there are some people who just loved the music of the Kolaveri song but its lyrics are a problem couldn’t connect with the tanglish lyrics of the kolaveri song.For such people kolaveri song in purely tamil version has hit the internet. Chech it out.

Nevvan Nigam. Have you heard this name before. While Dhanush made lover jilted Kolaveri di famous Nevvan Nigam is making milk version of Kolaveri di which is also becoming fast popular.Nevvan Nigam is the son of Sonu Nigam and in the video Nevvan and Sonu along with the family could be seen. The kid has the same chocolate features like his father and no doubt the voice as well.

View all the top 10 version of kolaveri di at times of india.

Now you can also hear Kolaveri di with punjabi beats and they are fast paced so even can think of dancing bangra on it. Catch it and hope you all will like this kolaveri di in a new punjabi avatar.


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