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Music Review of Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2

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There are altogether 13 tracks in album of Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2. All are composed by the very talented Sneha Khanwalkar.With 13 tracks we expect to find almost all kinds of variety in the album.

Dil Chhi Cha is the first song of the album which is released after the trailer. The song lyrics are very unconventional and unique. Keeping the similarity to the lyrics, song is given rustic disco beats which makes the song favorite on the dance floor. It is a very peppy and catchy track of the album.

Kala Ray is a dark song looking at everything from a sadistic point of view. The sadistic lyrics and violin music in the background makes this song unusally charming. A track which your ears wants to hear again so that mind can reach to  core essence of the song. The song is sung by Sneha herself.

Electric Piya  is a fast track song using rural and regional language words in the track. Other tracks like Taar Bijli, Bahut Khoob, Aabroo, Moora, Keh Ke loonga, the last songs are pretty average songs fails to impress in the way in which Dil chhi cha does.

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