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Yarlpanathiliriunthu kolaverida Pure Tamil Version of Kolaveri di

There are thousands or rather even more people everywhere in the country and also outside are crazy abot Kolaveri di and can sing this soup song word by word without even missing a beat. Popularity of the song could easily known that everyday a new version of kolaveri di is coming up and people are loving it equally if not more.

But again there are some people like Javed Akhtar who have not liked this song at all and even criticised the song publically through media. Another name has been added to this list is Jerry Stalin a music composer, singer and lyricist from Sri Lanka but a tamilian. He greatly disturbed and anguish with the fact that the importance of  Tamil language in its heartland is decreasing and music composer and lyricist need English or any other language with tamil word to make their song famous and people are loving it as well recent example being Kolaveri di.

So Jerry instead of openly criticizing the kolaveri song has come up with his own version of kolaveri di. This version of kolaveri is written in pure tamil as a consequence all the lyrics are changed however tune remaining the same.

The song video has been recorded in the most simple way with no flamboyance as the entire theme of this version of kolaveri di is to maintain the purity. The video has also incorporated some images of Tamil Nadu. The video has so far got 1,90,000 hits.

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