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Silk Smitha

Vidya Balan calls Silk Smitha fearless and ahead of her time.What we find bollywood actress doing today Smitha did that in 1980’s.She was sex symbol of Tamil cimena.People remember her dark complexion, pouting lips aeid sultry half inviting eyes.This gave her the edge and people used to line up to watch her movies.The way she portrays sensuality sends chills in every root of human body. She was quite¬† ahead of her time.

The oopm aThe Dirty Picture is the story of South Indian cinema famous actress Silk Smitha. Born in a very poor family of Eluru was not Silk Smitha by birth.Her original name is Vijayalakhsmi. She was discovered by an Indian director Vinu Chakrabort

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Jannat 2 Officail Trailer

After the success of Janna,t Bhatt Camp was all excited about making a sequel of it. The plot of Blood Money was previously thought to be the sequel of Jannat. But then Bhatt Camp thought otherwise and decided to launch Blood Money as a individual movie. Now they are coming up Jannat 2 as a sequel of Jannat. How they will relate the two movie is something to see. Emraan  who dies in Jannat is seen in the trailer of the movie Jannat2.

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