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The first look of the Movie The Host

the host stillThe first look of the movie The Host has been released. The trailer of the movie will released with the movie Hunger Game. In fact the Trailer of The Host will be seen before the trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

The Host is a novel written by Stephenie Meyer who became world famous with her The Twlight Saga.

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The Host By Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer seems to have a knack for writing weird love stories. Her novel The Host lovers are a human being and an Alien. The Host is the story about extra terrestrial aliens who invades our Earth and captures the soul of human body by entering their body and thus on their mind.

The aliens manage to do that without any difficulty except one human girl named Melanie Stryder. Wanderer the alien fail to capture her mind. Melanie is deeply in love with Jared and her memories, emotions and desire for Jared is so strong that Wanderer starts swaying with her thoughts.

Wanderer due to the effect of Melanie feeling also fells deeply in love with another man, Ian. Together, Mel and Wanderer must discover if there is a way their two races can coexist on our planet.

This is the nutshell of the story of The Host both in the novel and in the movie.

The film is under the post production process and will release next year. Some fans have made their own trailer of The Host.

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