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Official Trailer of Dhanush starer 3 has been Released

The much awaited movie 3’s trailer has been released. The movie became most talk about due to the song Kolaveri Di. It went viral on internet. 100s of kolaveri di version started hitting the net and became popular as well. Catch the trailer of the movie. Though it was a little disappointing as we were deprived of a glimpse of kolaveri di picturisation. The trailer is in telugu.

We all know due to the success of Kolaveri di song worldwide the movie 3 will be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. So here is Tamil trailer of 3.

Both the trailer shows three stages in the love life of Ram and Janani that is Dhanush and Shruti may be that why the name 3

The third trailer of 3 has been released. This trailer is all about Dhanush. Showing his school days or rather high school days. Though he doesn’t look like a school boy at all. May be college boy image would have been better.

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