Wallpaper of the Ajay Devgan’s Movie Himmatwala in Latest Movie and Celebrity News

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Wallpaper of the Ajay Devgan’s Movie Himmatwala

poster of himmatwala

posters of Himmatwala 2013This is the first poster released of the upcoming movie of Ajay Devgn dirested by Sajid Khan. The poster makes us recall the song Naino Me Sapna with Ajay and Tamanaha in the similar pose of the dance step in the original movie between Jeetendra and Sridevi.



wallpaper of HimmatwalaThe second poster of the movie Himmatwala is quite daring.Ajay Devgan is seen in the poster with the Royal Bengal Tiger and bells in the hand. Seems like he has belled this wild cat. There is also a tagline Himmatwala The Brave. It is reported that Ajay will be fighting with tiger only a few scene. some riskier scene will be done by body double. So after taming and riding on two horses at one time, Ajay is all set to bell the tiger.




poster of himmatwalaAfter the Brave at last comes the Beautiful Tamannaah with a hunter in her hand. Now what does that mean.

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