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Housefull 2 Movie review

Ever wondered why Sunny Leone has had such an easy entry into Bollywood? Well, because for years Bollywood heroines have been dressing and acting like porn stars. Try Housefull 2 to see why. The actresses spend much of the time dressed in lingerie, all of them have fake pouts, enhanced by liberal doses of botox) and all of them have a tendency to slap their butts and pass it off as a dance step. The actors are no better. In Housefull 2 Akshay Kumarhas a trademark lip movement accompanied with an orgasmic “aah” which would be more suited to a porn stellar.

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There’s a little glimpse of Raj in every Kapoor. Over the years, as Shammi and Shashi developed their own styles, as Randhir harmlessly tickled, while Rishi revolutionised young romance and as Ranbir continues to blaze his town trail, the men in the family have often showed off momentary, unmistakable flashes of Raj.

Sajid Khan’s [ Images ] new film reunites Randhir and Rishi, putting them in derby hats and preposterous bowties, giving them horrible lines and offensive characters, with puerile humour and much ham on display. The only Raj we see in the lads here is the embarrassing Raj of better forgotten excursions like Gopichand Jasoos. One can imagine the Showman, peering from on high, cringing.



After being highly criticised for Housefull, Sajid Khan, who tasted commercial success for the movie, is back with yet another nonsensical, humourous trip. Riding with an even bigger star cast, this time round Sajid made sure he left no stone unturned to promote his latest directorial venture, Housefull 2.

Judging by his previous record, one wouldn’t expect a lot from a Sajid Khan movie. His main aim, as accepted by him, is to entertain, whether done by corny dialogues or an intelligently written script.

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“Housefull2” lived up to my expectations – of being a despicable film that boasts of garish performances, a mediocre, yet confusing script, and some seriously inane lines, peppered with humdrum Bollywood disco songs and twists.

It’s the tale of how two greedy brothers, who try to rope in UK’s (“Uttarakand?”) Richie Rich, aka Jolly, for their gorgeous girls, gets entangled in a chaotic case of mistaken identity. While Jolly tries to use the circumstances to help out his friend Jai and in turn play out his own romance with ladylove JLo. And, cashing in on this situation is best friends-turned-enemies Max and Sunny.

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