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Meaning of Chammak Challo

Meaning of Chammak Challo

Meaning of  Chammak Challo could be very subjective. There is no objective meaning of chammak challo.As many people you ask what does chammak challo means the equal number of meaning will come up.

Chammak Challo the track from Ra One has become a rage among all the music lovers What has caught the attention of people the most is  the word  the Chamak Challo.People are searching frantically to know the meaning of chammak challo. since this term is not exactly used for your ladylove.

In hindi and urdu language it is not a good word to address a woman.It is more like a teaser, a slang used for women who overdress and show off. The word Chamak Challo reminds one memorable moment of my life.In a  film shoot which first time i managed to watch at  Saputara hill station it was for the first time I’ve heard this word Chamak Challo. In the scene some tapories were eve teasing the heroine by calling her chamak challo till the hero came to her rescue.

If I try to extract the individual word meaning then the word Chammak means shining glittering and challo may mean girl.It is  this positive meaning of chammak challo used in RaOne . It sounds more as compliment then as a teaser.Shahrukh here in the song is trying to woo the sizzling Kareena Kapoor in red sari by calling her  Chamak Challo which actually here means “beautiful girls,” “lovely girls,” “shining girls.” “sparkling girls”.After listening to the song  I was completely bold by the creativity of the Shahrukh and Vishal-Shekhar’s team. Their good work has given lovers another word Chamak Challo to compliment their ladylove.

In hindi dictionary the nearest word to Challo is Challa something round which could be a  ring, bangles or even anklets. Among this anklets is closet in my thinking.So imagine a woman wearing anklets walking with cross strides with a jingling sound from the anklet we usually call them also chammak challo.

Ra.One ‘s song Chammak challo has changed the enitre meaning of Chammak Challo. The song has made the word chammak challo so popular that it is the buzzword in the dictionary of lovers for their wives or girlfriends. Previously it was used by eve-teaser to embarass a girl but now its used as an adjective for a beautifully dressed wife or to cool off an angry girlfriend by saying you’r my chammak challo.

As I worte earlier Chammak challo is a very subjective phrase so as many people will have equal number of meaning.In one such incident in lunch all my colleague where discussing when this one gentleman came up with yet another meaning of chammak challo. According to him chammak challo means “matak matak ke jo chale usse chammak challo kehete hai.

Whatever may be the meaning one thing is for sure it is right now the most trendy compliment girls are getting from their lovers.


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Aamir Khan’s Talaash Story

Not much has been revealed about the story of Talaash. We all know the reason why. It is super suspense thriller and if the plot is leaked in the public who will come to watch the movie.

By watching the trailer a few things are clear. Aamir Khan is playing a cop in the movie who is searching for the murderer and along with his journey Aamir comes face to face with many heart rendering truths. Rani Mukherjee again plays the role of a  sex worker and Kareena Kapoor a socialite who helps sex workers and other children.

The film will be released in June 2012 till then keep tuning in to know more about the story of Talaash.

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Hot Pictures of Ann Lee Roberts

Top models from all over the world like Amy Jackson from UK, Sunny Leone from Canada, Nathalia Kaur from Brazil and latest South African model cum actress Ann Lee Roberts are making their debuts in Bollywood and setting silver screen on fire by their boldness.

Ann Lee Roberts is all set to debut in Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming second home production ‘Agent Vinod’ with Kareena Kapoor, has gone topless to attract eye balls.


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Meaning of the word Pungi in Pyaar ki Pungi of Agent Vinod


Pungi is the musical instrument played by serpent to draw the attention of people .

In the song the lyrics are like this Oh meri jaan oh meri jaan Mereko majnu bana kar Kahan chal di kahan chal di Pyar ki pungi baja kar. In the song it means after arousing my love for you making me your lover how can you ditch me. It like gulshan me gul khila kar usse virran chhod gayi.

[Naye zamane ki laila hoon
Main teri pungi bajakar rahungi]

Here Pungi baja di means teri band bajana.

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Rakhi Sawant and Chikani Chameli

After Kareena Kapoor doing the item number chammak challo Rakhi Sawant is slashing Katrina Kaif for Chaikani Chameli. As she is surprised about all the accolades Katrina is getting as Chikani Chameli. Accoring to Rakhi Sawant she has done nothing new. Infact Katrina has copied her dance steps and style.What Katrina has done is nothing new she has already done those things.So why all so much praise for her and why she is neglected.Something she wants to know.

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Aamir Khan’s new movie Talaash

What is common between chammak challo song of Ra.one, Kolaveri song of 3 and now the latest Aamir Khan’s looks in his film Talaash.The common point is that film producers wanted to keep them under the under till the right time comes and they were secretly leaked out on internet.

talaashNow its the first look of Aamir Khan’s movie Talaash posters were leaked on internet.But according to Farhan the poster of Talaash is yet to be finalised and it will be released along with the theatrical trailor with the movie Don 2 which also happens to be another movie directed and produced by Farhan.

Talaash is said to be thriller movie where Aamir plays the role of a chop. It is said that this film is the remake of South Indian Hit Movie…Vetaiaadu Vilayadu acted by Kamal Hassan and Jothyka.

Talaash is co produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani along with Aamir Khan.This movie also stars Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerj.


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Dil Mera Muft Ka Mujra Song of Agent Vinod on Kareena Kappor

Another promotional song of Agent Vinod has been released after I’ll do Talking. This song is picturised on Kareena Kapoor. After donning red sari and sizzled in chammank challo, Kareena is back with yet another item number this time for his beau’s home production movie Agent Vinod.

In this song as well Kareena is wearing a red color cleavage and midriff and back revealing mujra dress. Dancing in a seductive style Kareena yet again looks super hot in this new avatar.

Check out the lyrics and video of Dil mera muft ka.

Pheke nazar ke..
Sikke usne
Bik gayi hoon… main
Usne jo choo.. liya.. toh haye
Lage ke.. nayi.. hoon main

Yun toh premi panchathar hamare
Leja tu kar satathar hishare
Dil Mera…a..
Muft ka..

Kaam ka hi taraste bichare
Leja tu kar satathar hishare
Dil Mera…a..
Muft ka..

Hemiyo soniya..
Tere bin guzara
Hemiyo soniya..
Tere bin guzara (Dinga kaka dinaga muma…)
Hemiyo soniya..
Tere bin guzara

Dil ke dukandar hai dusre bhi
Hum thoda ache hai
Woh hai farebi

Ni kamali kamali
Ni kamali kamali pharrr..
Kamali kamakam..

Haan dil ke dukandar hai dusre bhi
Hum thoda ache hai
Woh hai farebi

Mehnga hai dil sab ke
Bastha nahi yeh
Likhna hai par teri baat mujhe bhi
Aaj bazar hai bhik gaya re
Leja tu kaisa dakthar hishare
Dil Mera…a..
Muft Ka..

Hoye yun toh premi panchathar hamare
Leja tu kar satathar hishare
Dil mera…a.. (saregama pa..)
Muft Ka..

Hemiyo soniya..
Tere bin guzara
Hemiyo soniya..
Tere bin guzara

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Dhoom 3 release date

Dhoom 3 is the most awaited movie of 2012. The most evident reason is the presence of Aamir Khan in the movie. All his fans and not so fans of Aamir Khan are waiting to see the movie how well and convincing he plays the role setting the new bars for it and taking it to next level above John Abrahim and Hrithik Roshan. In case you forgot or juust to brush up your memories in Dhoom and Dhoom2 mastermind thief role were played by John and Hrithik.

But this movies release date are difficult to predict since the film is getting delayed due to the movie Talaash. Now the question arises what Talaash has to do with Dhoom 3.Talaash is overshadowed by Dhoom3. Since poeple are showing more interest in Dhoom3 and not Talaash Aamir Khan is right now just concentrating on promoting his movie Talaash and will give dates for Dhoom 3 once Talaash releases.

Talaash is promoted as a off beat bollywood which is not like the regular romantic or action movie but a hard hitting thriller.The movie have two sizzling heroines of bollywood Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee but they are not just glam dolls in the movie.

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Box Office collection of Ra one

The much hyped movie Ra one has finally released on 26th of this October on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali.Despite of mixed review about the movie by the critics Ra one was almost houseful everywhere got a very hearty response on the first day first show with occupancy around 95 to 100% everywhere.All credit should go to Shahrukh’s merchandising skills for this bumper opening of the movie. Despite the evening and night shows hit by diwali celebration Ra one manage to gross around 15 crore much more then 3 Idiots,Dabang and Ready but some how did not manage to surpass the latest Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor starer Bodyguard earning around whopping  21 crore on the first day of release. 25 crore on the second day and around 55 crore on third day.Trade pundits estimate that Ra one could earn around 100 crore on first week.

Ra.One 5 weeks box office collection is said to be 230 crores in which 190 came from domestic and rest from oversea.

Shahrukh Khan’s movie Ra one  needs no special introduction. The kind of film Ra one is,what making everyone sit up and notice is the amount of money Shahrukh has poured into the movie to  make it what it is right now. Ra one is produced both in 3D and 2D and he has used NFC technology for this movie first of his type in bollywood.With each passing day Shahrukh is getting innovative ideas to promote his movie and to reach maximum number of people and raising their curiosity about the movie.

Movie gurus are now calculating the budget of the movie which according to them will go or is their around Rs 200 crore touted to be the most expensive movie of Bollywood.Among this Rs 40 crore is reported to be spent in marketing and promotion of the movie.

Now what strike our mind how will Shahrukh and his distributors will recover such a big amount and also went on making handsome profit as well.We will like to inform you that Shahrukh has already started recovering the amount.For the first time in the history of Bollywood, telecast rights of a film’s music launch was reportedly sold for Rs 10 crores to Star One which was simulcast on the channel on the day of the launch.

Ranging from colas to watches to mobile phones and socially relevant causes, even brands that SRK has not been associated with in the past are collaborating with Ra.One.For example UTV Indiagame for Ra.One games,Cinthol will now come with G.One photo and contest and draws of course till the movie release.Next tie up was with Nokia for its recently lauched NFC enabled handsets Nokia 600,700 and 701.Geetanjali jewellers and of course You Tube,Western Union and Mc Donald.Next in the list is Nerolac Paint who has recently tied up with Ra one for promotion.Nerolac will be soon releasing new TVC with ra one.Soon G one will also be seen on the package and carton of Horlicks.

Some claim that Shahrukh has already recovered quite a huge amount through all these advertiser but other says that Shahrukh could only have recovered max to max Rs 15 crore from these sponsers. Moreover Shahrukh has sell the rights of the movie to his distributors so he has no money at stake now it will depend upon his distributors to get their money back.

With 3000 screen releases and 500 worldwide 3D release of the movie trade guru thinks that Ra one will recover around 100 crore in the first week as well just like Bodyguard and 3 idiots.

As for the overseas market, Ra.One has sold the largest number of prints to South Korea (200), followed by Taiwan (25). The film has also been dubbed in German with 15-20 prints sold in Germany (which is hooked on to SRK).

“We have sold nearly 500 prints in the international market, right from Hong Kong to Fiji and expect the number to go up to 1,000,” said Mr Jain.

Meanwhile, trade pundits are also betting on the success of Ra.One. Says film critic and trade analyst Mr Taran Adarsh: “SRK’s last film My Name is Khan did well overseas and with him now as a superhero, Ra.One looks good. A Diwali release will only add to its success.”



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Ra.One Trailer

Ra.One Trailer


Shahrukh and Kareena with Akon

Ra.one Trailer has been launched as another teaser by Shahrukh to promote his ambitious superhero project Ra.one. It is quite  apparent that Shahrukh is worried about this huge budget movie. And his worries are also understandable.In order to ensure the movie earns maximum  in its opening weekend and further Shahrukh has come up with one marketing strategies after another.

He begin with roping in international rapper Akon and both the songs Chammak Challo and Criminal are superhit.Shahrukh has used both Akon and the songs along with Dildara to its utmost efficiency to give the movie those initial boost required.Next was The Prodigy Band and Lady Gaga.

The actor cum producer Shahrukh has launched a custom built movie channel on YouTube for his approaching pet project ‘Ra.One’. Apparently, this collaboration with YouTube will allow moviegoers to watch ‘Ra.One’ movie trailers, songs, clips, events etc officially on the online video platform.One such trailer which you tube is showing is the most unique and creative trailer you will see where Shahrukh is giving a picture of the superpowers of G.One yet not revealing much thus keeping up the suspense.You can G.One, aka SRK jumping in and out of windows, shooting down villains and much much more. The heavy duty animation combined with SRK’s famed wit makes it an amazing experience.

Check out this latest Ra.One Trailer

There is another Ra.One trailer going round which gives good glimpse of the movie and also the secretive peek into the Arjun Rampal looks at the end of the video.Here is the link

Ra.One Trailer

Shahrukh’production house has released yet another video showing the making of chammak challo.Catch it to peek inside the music studio how Vishal and Shekhar brought Chammak Challo song out of Akon and also watch Kareena shooting for the song and her take on the steps.

Here is the video

At last as Shahrukh said that RaOne will be first of itt kind movie in bollywood using You Tube for the movie promotion something which is used quite effectively in Hollywood.Ra.One has been launched in You Tube channel and I must say it is an absolute delight to watch the amazing animation done in the promotional movie.Shahrukh looks cool while explaining his various powers.

Check out the video at you tube

Kareena Kapoor has done a PHD, i mean her character in Ra one, in abuselogy. Yes you read it correct.  Its abuselogy. Sonia Subramanium the character which Kareena plays has all the slangs and abusive words in her dictionary.May be we will again see Geet of Jab We Met.Or rather a next level of  Geet.You won’t believe us.

Watch this video


To be continue

His Latest strategy  to promote Ra.One is  through Nokia.Nokia has recently launched three handsets.They are Nokia 700,701 and 601 based on NFC (Near Frequency Communication) Technology.Even Ra.One is the first NFC used technology film in bollywood.Both will be using each other for promoting one’s product.Nokia will provide exclusive content like Music,photo,clips.Ra.one trailer on all the three NFC enabled handsets.Thus win-win situation for both Nokia and Shahrukh. Nokia will get a chance en cash on the popularity of  Ra.One and Shahrukh will get another medium to reach towards people.


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