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Talaash Digital Poster and Trailer

Till date we have seen paper posters of the movies but now with advance technology we will now see digital poster. Aamir Khan starer Talaash has released a digital poster of his film. Aamir in moustache is seen in the middile of the poster with numerous car and headlines on passing through him.

Also a teaser of Talaash has been released. Theatrical trailer of the movie will be released with the movie Agneepath. The teaser does not reveal anything about the movie that what character are searching for. Talaash for a murderer or money not clear.

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Trailer of movie Talaash

Wait to watch a few glimpse of Aamir Khan’s movie Talaash will be over with the release of the movie Agneepath. Theatrical trailer of Talaash is ready and upto the expectation of Aamir. So it was finally decided that the trailers of Talaash will be released with the movie Agneepath.

So now lets wait for the republic day to come because Agneepath will be hitting the theater on 26th January.

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Aamir Khan’s Talaash Story

Not much has been revealed about the story of Talaash. We all know the reason why. It is super suspense thriller and if the plot is leaked in the public who will come to watch the movie.

By watching the trailer a few things are clear. Aamir Khan is playing a cop in the movie who is searching for the murderer and along with his journey Aamir comes face to face with many heart rendering truths. Rani Mukherjee again plays the role of a  sex worker and Kareena Kapoor a socialite who helps sex workers and other children.

The film will be released in June 2012 till then keep tuning in to know more about the story of Talaash.

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Release Date of Aamir Khan starer Talaash

Talaash the most awaited movie of Aamir Khan after Dhoom 3 which was all set to release on 1st June has been postpone. The release is now slated to be November. The date is yet to be announced. Though producer Ritesh Sidhwani says that it could be 30th November after Diwali.

The reason behind this postpone is said to be Aamir Khan’s occupancy with a television show which is also scheduled to go air during June which has left Aamir with no time to take part in the promotion of the film. Aamir  is hosting and producing a show bringing real life stories on the small screen for Star Plus.

However another theory that is doing rounds of the trade circle suggests a new angle for the postponement of Talaash. Apparently industry insiders claim that there could be similarities between the basic plot of Talaash and the recently released film Kahaani. Both the films are suspense-thrillers. And both the films have a protagonist in search of someone. The resemblance might not essentially be intentional but perhaps on realizing it the makers of Talaash want to play it safe.

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Aamir Khan’s new movie Talaash

What is common between chammak challo song of Ra.one, Kolaveri song of 3 and now the latest Aamir Khan’s looks in his film Talaash.The common point is that film producers wanted to keep them under the under till the right time comes and they were secretly leaked out on internet.

talaashNow its the first look of Aamir Khan’s movie Talaash posters were leaked on internet.But according to Farhan the poster of Talaash is yet to be finalised and it will be released along with the theatrical trailor with the movie Don 2 which also happens to be another movie directed and produced by Farhan.

Talaash is said to be thriller movie where Aamir plays the role of a chop. It is said that this film is the remake of South Indian Hit Movie…Vetaiaadu Vilayadu acted by Kamal Hassan and Jothyka.

Talaash is co produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani along with Aamir Khan.This movie also stars Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerj.


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