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Aafaton Ke Parinde Song of Ishaqzaade

The first trailer of Ishaqzaade was all about guns, goons, a spitfire college girl and a dabangg lad, and the first song, Afton Ke Parinde, also the title song is no different movie. The fiery elements which was seen in the trailer continues in the song as well.

Here are the lyrics of the song Aafaton Ke Parinde and CLICK HERE to watch the video

Aafaton ke parinde lyrics

Hatt hat hat…
Aafaton ke parinde, ishaqzaade
Dil udaa denge phurr.. se, ishaqzaade
Ishq ko aazmaane ishaqzaade
Phadphadate hain phir se ishaqzaade

Halaalon mein, haraamo mein
Jo milte thhe, hazaaro mein
Ishaqzaade, ishaqzaade kahaan hai ab jahaanon mein
Ishaqzaade… i.shaq.shaq.zaade… ishaqzaade…
Hatt hat hat…

Sitaaron mein, taaranon mein
Jo milte thhe, faasanon mein
Ishaqzaade, ishaqzaade kahaan hai ab jahaanon mein
Hatt hat hat…

Haay haan haa
Deewaare tod de, daraare chhod dein
Ziddo…Ziddo..Zidd…do ko mita dein
Haay haan haa….
Kinare chhod dein
Majhon ko mod dein
Haddon sarhadon ko khudi se mila lein haan…

Na zameen na falak ke, ISHAQZAADE
Khush-khudi ke jahaan mein, ISHAQZAADE
Halaalon mein, haraamo mein
Jo milte thhe, hazaaro mein
Ishaqzaade, ishaqzaade kahaan hai ab jahaanon mein
Ishaqzaade… i.shaq.shaq.zaade… ishaqzaade…

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Catching Fire Movie Cast

The release date of Catching Fire sequel of Hunger Game has been decided. The movie is all set to release on 22nd November, 2013. Hunger Game is already a blockbuster and everyone are now waiting for Catching Fire to release. What is yet to be decided is the cast of the movie.  Though mostly all have been selected some are still left to be decided.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth will continue to play the lead roles in the sequel movie of Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Gale Hawthrone respectively. Other important characters of Hunger Game which will also be seen in Catching Fire are autocratic ruler President Coriolanus Snow played by Donald Sutherland, alcoholic but still hard as nut Haymitch Abernathy continues to mentor Peeta and Katniss. The drunk role of Haymitch will be continue to be played by Woody Harrelson. Primrose Everdeen portrayed by Willow Sheilds will be more mature in Catching Fire.

Apart from these characters there are several other new faces will be seen in the casting of Catching Fire. President Snow forces the 24 victors of previous Hunger Games to compete again with the intention to take revenge from Katniss and Peeta for defying Capitol.

So from District 1 Gloss and Cashmere are participating. Both are siblings and won back to back hunger games.

Brutus and Enobaria will represent District 2. They both are in their 40’s.

Beete and Wiress belongs to District 3. Both are very smart inventors and compliments each other. Wiress is killed in the Game but Beete survives and takes parts in the rebels. Wiress role will be played by Amanda Plummer.

Finnick Odair is 24 years old young and handsome lad to take part in the Hunger Game. he won his previous Hunger Game at the age of 14 years. 10 years back he is still in the same situation like other. His partner is Mag an octarian. She is in her 80s and agreed to replace Annie Cresta, Finnick’s lover. They both are from district 4.

Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has joined the cast of ”The Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire” as head gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee.

Actress Jena Malone has been cast to play the role of Johanna Mason.


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Jhalla Wallah Item Song of Isahqzaade

Kareena Kapoor has made Mujra famous. She has done mujra sequence in the movie Agent Vinod for Dil Mera Muft Ka. Now it is Parineeti Chopra wearing a sharara in the song Jhalla Wallah is seen doing mujra. Gauhar Khan is also in the song dancing.

Why this song is the eye candy. Initial starting line of the song picturization of the song just concentrate on the cleavage of Gauhar Khan. Difficult to concentrate on anything else and then a very seductive dancing step done by Parineeti Chopra are the highlight of this song.

By the way what does the word Jhalla Wallah means. These days bollywood uses weird words from all languages in the song and they become catchy songs instantly.


Here is the lyrics of the song JHALLA WALLAH

Jiska naam jiya pe lagaye chot
Jiske jaane se bomb phahte
Atom bomb..ho jaaye visfot
Aashiqon ki hai shaamat ya aafat hai
Chand pe bhi aayi..kayaamat hai

Aashiqon main jis ka title titanic
Oh aashiqon main jis ka title titanic
Muah kinara dikha kar ke dooba de gaya
Jhalla, mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah

Humne samjha tha golden jublee jise
Haan samjha tha golden jublee jise
Woh toh matinee dikha kar ke chuma le gaya
Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah

Mehfil sajno ki gentlemanon ki
Haan mehfil sajno ki gentlemanon ki hai
Mehfil sajno ki gentlemanon ki hai
Bewada koi ho jaaye tu aaye mazaa

Nazron se peena mein kya gunah hai
Bakhuda kaise peete ho rooh afshaan
Jisse lover ki khabar pe paroon main
Dil breaking news uss ko sunaaye koi
Kaise nazar ki kamar ka ratta lagey
Usko meri geometry dikhaaye koi

Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah

Kya bataayein..jis ko sanam maan kar
Shab bhar marre
Haye jis ko sanam maan kar
Shab bhar marre
Woh kameena subah hote phurr ho gaya
Jisko mohabbat ka teacher kehte rahe
Woh fatichar ik lesson mein fail ho gaya

Haan kaske jean-pent gentleman jo bane
Raat bhar payjame se ladta raha
Hum jagate rahe..dil jalate rahe
Woh jamai raazai mein lagata raha

Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah

Jhalla wallah wallah wallah
Haan mera hero mera aashiq
mera majnu mera sayiaan
Mera balma wallah haye
Mera jhallah wallah haye haye
Hero aashiq jalla wallah
Sayiaan balma jhalla wallah
Jhalla jhalla jhalla..
Wallah wallah wallah..
Jhalla jhalla jhalla wallah



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Rakhi Sawant as Chammak Challo

Rakhi Sawant as Chammak Challo imagine. Just Imagine. Is it easy to imagine.Yes quite easy to imagine Rakhi Sawant as chammak challo.With years in bollywood and on Television screen with a quite a few scandals in her kitty this overtly outspoken item girl Rakhi Sawant needs no special introduction.

Rakhi Sawant is annoyed with SRK for giving Kareena Kapoor the chammak challo song.She claims that the song would have been a much more bigger hit had she was the chammak challo in the song.

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kristen steward

Kristen Steward as Snow White Fight out

kristen stewardThe movie Snow White and The Huntsman better known as SWATH is becoming a promising movie of this summer. With each trailer released the expectation from the movie is reaching sky high. With each trailer  we could see something better from Kristen Steward.

She is no more a underdog in the movie. But a fighter. And her aggressiveness as Snow White shown in the trailer could not be missed. This Snow White is no delicate darling of seven dwarfs but daredevi Watch the 21st century Snow White in action in the new trailer of Snow White and the Huntsman.

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hunger game background

The Hunger Game Wallpaper

hunger game wallpapersHunger Game backgroundhunger game backgroundhunger game background

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The Cast of Khiladi 786

Anil kapoor will also soon become an evergreen star. He has played myriad varieties of role in his lonf film career. Among them one role in which we have love to see him his tapori style. After Tashan and Welcome, Anil Kapoor is all set to play a Tapori Don in Khiladi 786.

It is an all action movie. Now the word Khiladi is their in the title. So without any guesses we all know Akshay Kumar is the Khiladi in the movie. That is he is in lead role along with Himesh Reshammiya.

The heroine of the movie has also been selected. The role has been signed by Asin. Before Asin reports were going very strong that Nargis Fakari will be doing this role. But producers later went for Asin instead of international model Nargis. Asin has many releases this year in pipeline. After Housefull2 her next prominent release is Bol Bachchan

The movie will also have Mithun Da in an important role. It is also said that Mithun da was responsible for the exit of Nargis from the movie.

The movie is on floors and will be released in Diwali for nuclear bomb kind of clash with Ajay Devgn’s Son of Sardar and Shah Rukh Khan’s yet-to-titled film directed by Yash Chopra.


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ram charan teja

Ram Charan Tej in Zanjeer remake

ram charan tejaSuperstar of Telugu cinema Ram Charan Tej is all set to make enter into the bollywood cinema. Reliance Entertainment has a roped in Ram charan Tej in the remake of 1973 classic bollywood superhit movie Zanjeer which stared Pran and Amitabh Bachchan. Ram will be playing the role of the cop and the movie is schedule to release in both Hindi and Telugu. Ram Charan has been recently engaged and is schedule to get married this year.

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Telugu Lyrics in Chammak Challo

Telugu Lyrics in chammak challo.

Telugu words are not there in the lyrics of chammak challo.There are loads of people who are quite curious as well as confuse about the lyrics of Chammak Challo.This song has three lyrics English,Hindi and Tamil. English and Hindi male part of the song is sung by Akon.His style of singing has made this song quite unique to hear.But Chammak challo song becomes quite infectious with tamil lyrics cropping up in between the song.These Tamil lyrics along with hindi lyrics in the song are sung by Hamsika Iyer. But the song have no Telugu lyrics.


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Parineeti and Arjun Starer Ishaqzaade Digital Poster

Second film of Parineeti Chopra and debutant film of Arjun Kapoor is all set to release on 18th May. 2012. This is also the second film of Parineeti with the Yash Raj Camp. She has signed three movie contract with YRF.

Yash movies has released a digital poster of the movie.

Reently a new digital poster of Ishaqzaade has been released. This one is still and not video poster. The new poster of Ishaqzaade takes you back to the times of good ol’ Hindi movies of handmade posters After Rowdy Rathore , Yash Raj Films’ Ishaqzaade has taken us back to the 60s and 70s.


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