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Dhanush as he is better known is a multi talented son of the famous Kasthuri Raja of Kollywood cinema. Dhanush is right now a hot discussion topic almost everywhere.And if you are not living in another planet you will definitely know why.

Dhanush is a famous tamil actor, occiasion lyricist and singer has taken notice of entire nation by his song kolaveri.After Ra. One song chammak challo with English, Hindi and Tamil lyrics has created cyclone among the music lovers Dhanush’s Kolaveri a tanglish song is proving to be tsunami. Why this Kolaveri di, a song penned and sung by Dhanush for his upcoming movie 3 has gone viral on cyberspace with more than 5.5 million YouTube hits just under 10 days of its release online.

Rajinikanth’s son in law Dhanush thinks that he has a very bad voice and only directors who want filth voice for their movie approaches him to sing the song. He thinks that its simple broken English lyrics and simple tone had made the real difference to the song.People can approach to the song and could relate to the situation.Whatever Dhanush says about his voice but his drunkard style singing has won millions of heart and you will find even stars like Big B,Karan Johar, Abhishekh Bacchan twitting about Kolaveri song.Among other Farah Khan is also caught by the Kolveri viral and is very keen to choreograph the song if offered.According to her it will be a big challenge to choreograph a love failure song like Kolaveri di.

But Dhanush is right now not thinking about the success of his Kolaveri song.It is his latest release movie Mayakkam Enna is what he thinking about.Mayakkam Enna has received a mixed response from public and critics but definitely Kolaveri craze will add have its positive effects on the movie business.


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Kolaveri di in Tom and Jerry style

How will it be to watch and hear Kolaveri di in Tom and Jerry style. Kolaveri di fever doesn’t seems to get over. Infact it is reaching new heights with each passing day. Like Dhanush and Anirudh used their creativeness to create Kolaveri di people are coming up each day with their own verision of Kolaveri di. Using it Kolaveri di to express their feeling.

Some one has come up with the Kolaveri di where you will find Tom singing Kolaveri di song. It is a cute creation and a special must watch for all the tom and jerry fans and I’m sure apart from kids, kids who have grown up watching Tom and Jerry will also love it and will get a chance to relive their childhood days with their kids.

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Kolaveri song free Download

Kolaveri di song has caught the nerves of the youngters all across India.It has what all call younganthem.Whenever i hear a mobile phone ringing it is the Kolaveri song playing. People are welcoming incoming calls with the kolaveri song.Moreover one of my friend calls on my phone just to hear my caller tune which is also  kolaveri. Perhaps even I’m bitten by Kolaveri bug.Catch the caller tune   Kolaveri_Di_Instru


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Poonam Kinchi female version of Kolaveri

Till now it was boys who were asking  why this kolaveri kolaveri di with lot of vengeance and hatred balming girls for the failure of relationship. But now finally a few girls lead by Poonam Kinchi is giving an answer to boys That why kolaveri kolaveri di. Poonam Kinchi in this endeavor is supported by Swati Verma.  So  finally their is an answer to why this kolaveri kolaveri di.  Check it out.

It is truly a female version of kolaveri di with girls giving reply to their rage for boys. In this video girls have hit back to boys vehemently by saying that its boys who cheat girls and vice versa is not always true.Boys love is only physical and they only want to touch them.They don’t have any emotional feeling that why run away from marriage and hesitate to make long term commitment. Boys gets dump by girls due to lack og loyalty in them. In the song girls even accuse boys for foul mouth because they drink all night leaving them all alone thats why gets kicked by the girls. .At the end a message comes dedicated to all women.


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What is the meaning of Kolaveri and Sariyaa Vaasi

What is the meaning of Kolaveri. This tamil word is being heard everywhere these days Kolaveri has become a popular ringtone.Even i’m searching for the exact meaning and believe searching for it frantically.Find the meaning of  kolaveri and other terms like sariya vasi here. Like many people even I’m also bitten by this Kolavari bug. After brainstorming search for the meaning I finally landed up with the meaning of Kolavari.It is basically a light hearted slang of the tamil language used by heartbroken lover who is blood thirsty after being rejected by his girlfriend. Kolaveri is the combination of two different word Kola and Veri. Kola means murder and veri means urge to do.So full meaning of Kolaveri is urge to murder, killer instinct,hatred.  In the song it fits as revenge and blood thirst of a weeping and injured lover in love.Why this kolaveri di means why this murderous rage against me , girl.Why did you do this to me?Why so much hatred for me? Meantime read the lyrics and enjoy the video of this highly infectious song of the upcoming movie Three.

Hello Boys.. I am Singing Song..
Soup Song.. Flop Song..

Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Rhythm Correct..
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Maintain This..
Why This Kolaveri? Di..

Distance’la Moon’nu Moon’nu
Moon’nu Color’ru White’tu
White’tu Background Night’tu Night’tu
Night’tu Color’ru Black’ku
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?

White’tu Skin’nu Girl’lu Girl’lu
Girl’lu Heart’tu Black’ku
Eyes’su Eyes’su Meet’tu Meet’tu
My Future Dark’ku..
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?

Mama, Notes Eduthuko..
Apdiye Kaila Šnacks Èduthukø..
Papapa Papapapa Papapa Pa Pa..
Šeriya Vaasi..
Šuper Mama Ready.. Ready 1 2 3 4..
What A Change Over Mama..
Ok Mama.. Nøw Tune Change’ju..

Kaila Glass’su.. Only Ènglish’sa..
Hand’la Glass’su
Glass’la Šcøtch’chu
Èyes’su Full’la Tear’ru
Èmpty Life’fu, Girl Cøme’mu
Life’fu Reverse’su Gear’ru
Løve’vu Løve’vu Oh My Løve’vu
Yøu Šhøw Tø Me Bøw’vu
Cøw’vu Cøw’vu Høly Cøw’vu
I Want Yøu Here Nøw’vu
Gød I am Dying Nøw’vu
Šhe Is Happy Høw’vu?
This Šøng’gu Før Šøup Bøys’su
We Døn’t Have Chøice’su

Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee

Fløp Šøng..


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Kolaveri di in Punjabi Version

Raj Buttar a Punjabi munda along his friends Channi Singh, Hardeep Singh and Angrez Singh are living a dream of their life. Something they thought is only possible in their sleep is now a reality. Kolaveri di has make it possible. Thanks to kolaveri di lovers of music all these four fast friends has come up with their own punjabi version of Kolaveri di which is also loved by surfers and already has 7.5 lakh hits.

It is a light hearted song with no english words used. It has been sung in punjabi and the famous paapa paapa is replaced by ringa rniga ringa and ready 1 2 3 is replaced by ek do teen char. Ofcourse no punjabi desi song is complete without the famous balle balle. These punjabi lads manage to include even balle balle in the song.Unlike the original song along with all other versions of kolaveri di this punjabi version does not have inbuild lyrics with the video.

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PPP version of Kolaveri di song

During election political parties embrace and uses every kind of tactics to draw the attention of public towards their party citing the work they did or will do if came in the power. One such political party named People’s Party of Punjab have tried to reach to people by riding on the success of Kolaveri di. Yes PPP in short has released their version of kolaveri di named PPP.

PPP is replacing kolaveri di in this version. Other than that music and tune remain intact. Only lyrics have changed according to the party needs. Check out the song. See how Dhanush song gets paint into a political colors.

PPP accusing Congress for the underdevelopment of Punjab and promising to carve out new Punjab which will be full of vibrance and life progress and developement. 13 January 2012 is the date of election.Even i never knew about this it is mention in the lyrics of the song.

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Abhishek says no to the Hinglish version of Kolaveri di

Earlier the news was going round that Abhishek will be sing the hinglish version of kolaveri di. But in his recent twit he has said no as this songs belongs to Dhanush. Though Dhanush is very interested in the hinglish version of the song.


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Audio Release of Dhanush movie 3

Aishwariya Dhanush has confirmed in her twitter that music of 3 is ready for release and audio launching will be done on 23rd December in Chennai. She twitted that days are very hectic and a lot of preparation is to  done for the launch.It is said that launching program will take place with lot of fanfare and many bigwigs are expected to be present in the audio release.

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Official Trailer of Dhanush starer 3 has been Released

The much awaited movie 3’s trailer has been released. The movie became most talk about due to the song Kolaveri Di. It went viral on internet. 100s of kolaveri di version started hitting the net and became popular as well. Catch the trailer of the movie. Though it was a little disappointing as we were deprived of a glimpse of kolaveri di picturisation. The trailer is in telugu.

We all know due to the success of Kolaveri di song worldwide the movie 3 will be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. So here is Tamil trailer of 3.

Both the trailer shows three stages in the love life of Ram and Janani that is Dhanush and Shruti may be that why the name 3

The third trailer of 3 has been released. This trailer is all about Dhanush. Showing his school days or rather high school days. Though he doesn’t look like a school boy at all. May be college boy image would have been better.

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