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Poonam Kinchi female version of Kolaveri

Till now it was boys who were asking  why this kolaveri kolaveri di with lot of vengeance and hatred balming girls for the failure of relationship. But now finally a few girls lead by Poonam Kinchi is giving an answer to boys That why kolaveri kolaveri di. Poonam Kinchi in this endeavor is supported by Swati Verma.  So  finally their is an answer to why this kolaveri kolaveri di.  Check it out.

It is truly a female version of kolaveri di with girls giving reply to their rage for boys. In this video girls have hit back to boys vehemently by saying that its boys who cheat girls and vice versa is not always true.Boys love is only physical and they only want to touch them.They don’t have any emotional feeling that why run away from marriage and hesitate to make long term commitment. Boys gets dump by girls due to lack og loyalty in them. In the song girls even accuse boys for foul mouth because they drink all night leaving them all alone thats why gets kicked by the girls. .At the end a message comes dedicated to all women.


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Yarlpanathiliriunthu kolaverida Pure Tamil Version of Kolaveri di

There are thousands or rather even more people everywhere in the country and also outside are crazy abot Kolaveri di and can sing this soup song word by word without even missing a beat. Popularity of the song could easily known that everyday a new version of kolaveri di is coming up and people are loving it equally if not more.

But again there are some people like Javed Akhtar who have not liked this song at all and even criticised the song publically through media. Another name has been added to this list is Jerry Stalin a music composer, singer and lyricist from Sri Lanka but a tamilian. He greatly disturbed and anguish with the fact that the importance of  Tamil language in its heartland is decreasing and music composer and lyricist need English or any other language with tamil word to make their song famous and people are loving it as well recent example being Kolaveri di.

So Jerry instead of openly criticizing the kolaveri song has come up with his own version of kolaveri di. This version of kolaveri is written in pure tamil as a consequence all the lyrics are changed however tune remaining the same.

The song video has been recorded in the most simple way with no flamboyance as the entire theme of this version of kolaveri di is to maintain the purity. The video has also incorporated some images of Tamil Nadu. The video has so far got 1,90,000 hits.

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Watch Kolaveri di Video

Till now we were seeing the different version of kolaveri di people were picking up the Dhanush style of shooting the song and were recording their own version with it. We have seen or rather heard such forms of kolaveri di a lot.

Now when Aishwarya is busy with the shooting of Kolaveri di song or rather completed it The Gyas rowing team from Groningen, Netherlands has come up with the visuals of the song and if you go by my words it is mindblowing. Reaally i don’t have the words to explain how well the team has shot the song. Don’t want to destroy the joy of watching by revealing what is stored in the video. Watch it its rocking.



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Kolaveri di in Punjabi Version

Raj Buttar a Punjabi munda along his friends Channi Singh, Hardeep Singh and Angrez Singh are living a dream of their life. Something they thought is only possible in their sleep is now a reality. Kolaveri di has make it possible. Thanks to kolaveri di lovers of music all these four fast friends has come up with their own punjabi version of Kolaveri di which is also loved by surfers and already has 7.5 lakh hits.

It is a light hearted song with no english words used. It has been sung in punjabi and the famous paapa paapa is replaced by ringa rniga ringa and ready 1 2 3 is replaced by ek do teen char. Ofcourse no punjabi desi song is complete without the famous balle balle. These punjabi lads manage to include even balle balle in the song.Unlike the original song along with all other versions of kolaveri di this punjabi version does not have inbuild lyrics with the video.

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PPP version of Kolaveri di song

During election political parties embrace and uses every kind of tactics to draw the attention of public towards their party citing the work they did or will do if came in the power. One such political party named People’s Party of Punjab have tried to reach to people by riding on the success of Kolaveri di. Yes PPP in short has released their version of kolaveri di named PPP.

PPP is replacing kolaveri di in this version. Other than that music and tune remain intact. Only lyrics have changed according to the party needs. Check out the song. See how Dhanush song gets paint into a political colors.

PPP accusing Congress for the underdevelopment of Punjab and promising to carve out new Punjab which will be full of vibrance and life progress and developement. 13 January 2012 is the date of election.Even i never knew about this it is mention in the lyrics of the song.

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Arabic Version of Kolaveri Di

829,903 hits for the Arabic version of kolaveri di. Almost as good as the original version sung by Dhanush. Yes 829,903 times song has been heard on you tube by people across the world. Kolaveri di is fast breaking all the borders and boundaries and going beyond it where people are accepting the song whole heartedly and many creative people like Faez Zahoor Choudhary comes up with their version of the song.

Lyrics of the song has been completely changed so is the meaning of the song.Instead of Kolaveri di Faez has used Khalli Walli. So the staring lines are Why this Khalli Walli Khalli Walli lli. So this Arabic version is not a soup song as Dhanush says but it raises sponsorship issues faced by expatriates.

Since I’m no Arabic expert so will not be able to say anything else about the song.Check it out yourself it is worth a watch I can only say this much. In singing style Faez style is the close to Dhanush style. Faez has manage to bring that drunken style of singing effect in his version a most vital reason why original kolaveri di became so viral.

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