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nude photo of Ashmit

Like Veena Malik, Ashmit Patel goes Nude

Veena Malik recently hit the headlines both in Pakistan and India for posing nude for a magazine. It surely is proving to be quite profitable for Veena for cementing her position in bollywood. She also has signed a British movie.

Taking  a cue from it Ashmit Patel has also shed all his clothes for a magazine Men’s Health wher te he will be guiding men to choose right underwear. Veena and Ashmit came close in the reality show Big Boss.

The black and white picture sees the bare Silsilay star

hiding his private part with an undergarment.

Ashmit reportedly features in a write-up for the style section of the magazine, advising the fellow men to go for right kind of underwear be it trunks or briefs.

As the actor has always maintained a lean, well-sculpted body, the photo where he poses in the buff, covering his manliness with a brief, doesn’t make a vulgar picture.

The actor was last seen on the TV series Superstud, where he trained boys on how to attract women.

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Video and Lyrics of Channo from Gali Gali Chor Hai

OMG aka Oh My God. I always thought that Veena Malik can only pose nude to garner some cheap popularity and grab eyeballs. But boy I was so wrong. Veena appeared to be sensuously hot in the song Channo. Dressed in the same style as Katrina in Chikani Chameli, Veena looks more sexy and hot in the song.

Dressed in two color lehanga pink and orange with loads of jewellery and a Channo waistband completes her sizzling hot look but she looks seductive and almost like a diva in her later costume. She wears dark green lehanga in Maharashtrain style with lights dazzling on her pouts. Oh! her famous pouts were the highlight of the song. All in all this song has everything to be called a hot item number.

In other words this Channo is ready to give complex to Munni, Sheila, Jalebi Bai, Chikani Chameli, Chammak Challo. and special mention of Rakhi Sawant.

Here are the lyrics of the song Channo along with video

Hey Channo….channo…..

Hey chhanno! saali atom bomb
Hey Channo! kare dil ding-dong
Channo ki aankhein bijli bijli
Channo ki kamariya patli patli
Haath naa aaye saali titli titli
Desi ghee ye asali asli
Hey Channo… hey Channo..

Mehangi hui hain angdaai
Mehangi hui hain angdaai
Jabse channo hai khidki pe aayi (x2)

Launde sadak ke phogat mein denkhein
Channo ki aanch se aankhein ye sekein
Channo ki aanch se aankhein ye sekein

Thulle ne….. Thulle ne…
Thulle ne kar di kutaai
Jab se channo hai khidki pe aayi
Mehangi huey hain angdaai
Jab se channo hai khidki pe aayi
Channo hai angaara, angeethi sulga lo
Channo hai rabdi, tum ungli se chatwa lo
haay haay haaye
Channo hai angaara, angeethi sulga lo
Channo hai rabdi, tum ungli se chatwa lo

Chhano ke chalne mein rukne mein chatka tha
Halwa hai besan ke laddu pe atka tha

Doodh se dooodh se
Doodh se udd gayi malaai
Jab se chhanno hai khidki pe aayi
Mehangi huey hain angdaai
Jab se chhanno hai khidki pe aayi

Hey channo
Kuch aisi hai khaas
Aankhon se peela de bann jaaun tera daas
UP mein lafda channo se chhanno se
MP mein danga channo se chhanno se
Jeena hua haraam
Ho jaaye chakka jaam
Hey channo

oh yeah!
oh yes!
Channo ki choli mein bum atom bum hai
Channo heroine se bolo kya kam hai [x2]

Sallu ke dolo pe channo ye marti hai
Aamir ki pappi ke liye wish karti hai
Khud malamaal hai par maal ki deewani hai
Khud malamaal hai par maal ki deewani hai
Channo ko padh lo mobin kahaani hai

Bichhne lagi…. Bichhne lagi
Bichhne lagi kyu chataai
Jab se chhanno hai khidki pe aayi
Mehangi huey hain angdaai
Jab se chhanno hai khidki pe aayi

Launde sadak ke phogat mein dekhe
Channo ki aanch se aankhein ye sekhe
Channo ki aanch se aankhein ye sekhe

Thulle ne….. Thulle ne
Thulle ne kar di kutaai
Jab se channo hai khidki pe aayi
Doodh se udd gayi malaai
Jab se channo hai khidki pe aayi
Bichhne lagi kyu chataai
Jab se chhanno hai khidki pe aayi
Bhool gaye tailor silaai
Jab se chhanno hai khidki pe aayi
Mehangi hui ye angdaai
Jab se channo hai khidki pe aayi


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Dirty Video of Poonam Pandey on Her Twitter

What is the chemical loocha in Poonam Pandey’s mind is yet to be known. She is taking so much pride in posting her nude and semi nude photos on twitter account in lieu of her fans demand. Now in order to grab more limelight she will be uploading her very hot video on the twitter within 24 hours.

Before she was involved in a twitt tiff  with Chitrangada even went on calling her jealous bitch. It was the poonam Pandey’s response to Chitraganda post in Twitter who took a dig on Poonam for posting nude picyures on twitter. “How do you compete with Poonam Pandey, when she is ready strip for kabbadi matches?” (sic)”Though I have never met Poonam and no prsnl agenda, but guess she does her bathroom rituals evrydy and in sometimes that involves striping,” she added. (sic)

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Shaurya Chauhan to be in Krrish 3

Rakesh Roshan for his upcoming sequel movie Krrish 3 has roped in model turn actor Shaurya Chauhan to play a negative role. The movie has went on floors in October and shooting has already begun. Full fledged shootinng can only start once the lead stars Hrithik Roshan and Priyanks Chopra are freed from their current commitment.

Shaurya Chauhan, born in Hyderbad has started her modelling career by posing for Kingfisher swimsuit calendar in 2006.Shaurya also came in news for the nude pose which she gave for a shoe advertisement. She also had worked in movies like Kyon Ki, Mumbai Salsa, Horn Ok Please. Right now she is hosting a TV show Dadagiri on Hungama. After Kyon Ki, Krrish 3 may prove to be the much needed bollywood break to leave her impact which will help her to cement herself in bollywood.

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Naked Picture

Nude Picture of Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has stripped for a scene in Snow White ans The Huntsman or SWATH. In that scene she will be bathed with milk for eternal and immortal beauty.

With each image release and trailer release one after another is increasing people interest in the movie. It is fast climbing the ladder in the wish list of the movies to be seen.

Especially after the release of recent trailer of Snow White and The Huntsman where it is shown how Show White fights back and she is not a mere creature who needs to be protected every single moment.

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Sherlyn Chopra Post A Nude Photo on Twitter

We have got Indian Veena Malik in the form of Sherlyn Chopra who even for some quick publicity has posted her nude photos on her twitter account stating that it is her valentine gift for her fans her followers.

Previously it was wearing two piece bikini and posing was consider to be very bold or getting intimate with the co star giving smooching scenes was something called bold. Now boldness has got a different meaning. Now posing nude is a new definition of boldness in bollywood and posting on twitter is something out of the box boldness.

Whats next

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wallpaper of Paoli Dam

Bengali Actress Paoli Dam in Hate Story









After weeks speculation who is the bold girl in the posters of Hate Story the secret is at last revealed. This Bare Back woman is another Bong actress who is making her debut in Bollywood through Hate Story. Kaavya  is her name in the character and it is her hate story.

So now the name of the actress. Paoli made her acting debut with Bengali film Agnipariksha in 2006. She created stir in Bengali cinema by giving a nude scene in the  Bengali film Chatrak in 2011.

wallpaper of Paoli Dam


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sexy veena malik in Imagine

Veena ka Vivah

sexy veena malik in ImagineVeena ka Vivah will soon go on air on Imagine. Choosing life partner among thousands of people is the concept of this Imagine reality show Swayamvar. The show started with the controversial and drama queen Rakhi Sawant getting engaged to a Indo-Canadian Elesh Parujanwala but never got married to him.

Next year Rahul Mahajan searched his second bride through this serial and got married to Dimpy Ganguly.

After Rahul, Na Ana is Desh Laado fame Ratan Rajput also choose swayamvar style to find her Mr. Right.

Now this year Imagine is all gearing up to help Pakistani Hot actor Veena Malik to find her perfect match. Veena Malik always remain in limelight though for wrong reasons. Sometimes for posing nude or getting involved in brawl with the co-star or for getting kissed by Bobby Darling. Even she is very popular these days as Channo.

So who will she end up getting married will be interesting to see.


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Ok let me admit first. Trailer of Snow White and The Huntsman are actually looking very promising and full of action. Kristen Stewart who only looked dull with one expression in the entire four movies released till date of The Twilight Saga  has only one expression of depressed and dull. We can’t say of Breaking Dawn Part 2 . Trailer of Breaking Dawn Part2 is schedules to release with the movie Hunger Game.

But in the trailer of Snow White and The Huntsman I have seen a new Kristen with lot of expression and a different body language altogether.Check out the trailer it promises a good movie ahead.

Previous trailers showcased Charlize Theron’s pure evil and Chris Hemsworth’s conflicting motives (kill Snow White or stand by her side?), while KStew was a silent figure in the distance. Now, we get up close to the exiled princess, and finally hear her talk. And this looks like one fairy tale where it’s up to the girl to save the day.

CLICK HERE to see the trailer of Snow white and The Huntsman.

Now after the five minute extended Trailer of Snow White and The Hunstman there is yet another trailer of SWATH showing the wicked and horrendous face of evil queen Ravenna played by Charlize Theron.


Charlize Theron has also went nude in one of the scene of the movie in the lieu at attain mortality.

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sexy sunny leone

‘I’m a conservative girl in the porn industry’ says Sunny Leone

‘I’m a conservative girl in the porn industry’

These are the words twitted by Sunny Leone in twitter has attracted a lot of commenting with double meaning. Recently the actress has went topless for the FHM magazine the same magazine in which Veena Malik  has gone topless and earned a lot of criticism from her home country Pakistan. The shoot was for May month will hit the market soon.

Sunny Leone has also been signed by Ekta Kapoor for her next project Ragini MMS 2. She is already shooting for Pooja Bhatt film Jism 2. For Jism 2 also Sunny has gone nude.

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