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Release Date of Spiderman 4

After numerous delays, scrapping of the script, change in the leading characters Spiderman 4 with the name The Amazing Spiderman 4 is all set to release on 3rd May 2012.

Sam Raimi has a three movie contract with Columbia Pictures for Spiderman. The trilogy was finish with Spiderman 3 and Columbia was not interested in yet another sequel of Spiderman 3. They wanted to give a fresh and new look for the movie. As a consequence they scrapped the original spiderman 4 story which has Tobey Maguire in the title role and rebooted from the beginning with all the new script.

So get ready to see all new spiderman on 3rd May, 2012

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Parineeti and Arjun Starer Ishaqzaade Digital Poster

Second film of Parineeti Chopra and debutant film of Arjun Kapoor is all set to release on 18th May. 2012. This is also the second film of Parineeti with the Yash Raj Camp. She has signed three movie contract with YRF.

Yash movies has released a digital poster of the movie.

Reently a new digital poster of Ishaqzaade has been released. This one is still and not video poster. The new poster of Ishaqzaade takes you back to the times of good ol’ Hindi movies of handmade posters After Rowdy Rathore , Yash Raj Films’ Ishaqzaade has taken us back to the 60s and 70s.


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Sunidhi Chauhan To Marry in April

The news is confirmed both by Sunidhi Chauhan and Hitesh Sonik that they will be marrying very soon in April, 2012. The date is yet to be fixed but both  are very excited.

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Teaser Trailer of The Host

There are couple of teaser trailer of the movie The Host released on net. Though the producer don’t claim them to be released by them. One of the Stephenie Meyer fan has created them also giving a brief synopsis of the movie simultaneously.

Above all are fan made trailer which has been selected to be uploaded.

The real trailer of the Host is schedule to release with the movie Hunger Game on 23rd March, 2012.

Meanwhile the first look of the Host has been released.

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Gwen Stacy

Spiderman 4 Cast

The whole script of Spiderman was scrapped and written all over again. With the rebooting of the plot, the star cast of the movie is changed completely.

andrew garfieldOur favorite Tobey Maguire had been replaced by Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and also spiderman. He is sleek and young full of energy in the trailers.

Gwen StacyEmma Stone plays Gwen Stacy plays Peter Parker’s love interest in high school. She is in the shoes of Kirsten Dunst.

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Sunny Leone in Jism 2

The news has been confirmed by Pooja Bhatt that Sunny Leone has signed the sequel of Jism. Sunny Leone is a porn star and was recently seen on the reality show Big Boss5. She was the big curiosity factor of Big Boss being a porn star. But she is the one who remained decent and dignified on the entire stay of her on the show. Not much we got from her in Big Boss. But now with Jism 2 some hope are still alive.

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Rakhi Sawant and Chikani Chameli

After Kareena Kapoor doing the item number chammak challo Rakhi Sawant is slashing Katrina Kaif for Chaikani Chameli. As she is surprised about all the accolades Katrina is getting as Chikani Chameli. Accoring to Rakhi Sawant she has done nothing new. Infact Katrina has copied her dance steps and style.What Katrina has done is nothing new she has already done those things.So why all so much praise for her and why she is neglected.Something she wants to know.

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Lara Dutta Delivers A Baby Girl

Lara Dutta today in the morning delivered a cute little baby girl. Mahesh Bhupathi is on cloud seven as he always wished to be a father of a baby girl. A few months ago Ashwarya Rai Bachchan also delivered a girl who is yet to be named. Aamir and Kiran became proud parents of a baby boy.

There good news is stored in the future with Shipa Shetty entering into her third trimester. Soon there will be more good news.

Congratulation to Lara and Mahesh.

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Dhoom 3 release date

Dhoom 3 is the most awaited movie of 2012. The most evident reason is the presence of Aamir Khan in the movie. All his fans and not so fans of Aamir Khan are waiting to see the movie how well and convincing he plays the role setting the new bars for it and taking it to next level above John Abrahim and Hrithik Roshan. In case you forgot or juust to brush up your memories in Dhoom and Dhoom2 mastermind thief role were played by John and Hrithik.

But this movies release date are difficult to predict since the film is getting delayed due to the movie Talaash. Now the question arises what Talaash has to do with Dhoom 3.Talaash is overshadowed by Dhoom3. Since poeple are showing more interest in Dhoom3 and not Talaash Aamir Khan is right now just concentrating on promoting his movie Talaash and will give dates for Dhoom 3 once Talaash releases.

Talaash is promoted as a off beat bollywood which is not like the regular romantic or action movie but a hard hitting thriller.The movie have two sizzling heroines of bollywood Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee but they are not just glam dolls in the movie.

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Story of Kareena Kapoor’s Heroine

Reports are going round that plot of Heroine is inspired by the life of Manisha Koirala. Madhur Bhandarkar though is denying this news but it is said that it is a story about a actor who has climbed success ladder very early in her career but when downward slope comes her entire life goes upside down. For various reason her acting career as well her personal life is completely shaken which also shakes her as a person as well.

Kareena Kapoor  will be portraying this character. Whether or not but this is was also seen happening with Manisha Koirala. With hit movies like Saudagar, Bombay and ‘1942: A Love Story’ and many other Manisha was a hot favorite of every one in bollywood. But this instant rise also brought an instant setback in her career. She started giving one flop movie after another, her marriage is also on rocks, she remains heavily drunk.

But what will be the end of the movie Heroine is yet to know. For that we have to wait for the movie to release.

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