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Dhanush as he is better known is a multi talented son of the famous Kasthuri Raja of Kollywood cinema. Dhanush is right now a hot discussion topic almost everywhere.And if you are not living in another planet you will definitely know why.

Dhanush is a famous tamil actor, occiasion lyricist and singer has taken notice of entire nation by his song kolaveri.After Ra. One song chammak challo with English, Hindi and Tamil lyrics has created cyclone among the music lovers Dhanush’s Kolaveri a tanglish song is proving to be tsunami. Why this Kolaveri di, a song penned and sung by Dhanush for his upcoming movie 3 has gone viral on cyberspace with more than 5.5 million YouTube hits just under 10 days of its release online.

Rajinikanth’s son in law Dhanush thinks that he has a very bad voice and only directors who want filth voice for their movie approaches him to sing the song. He thinks that its simple broken English lyrics and simple tone had made the real difference to the song.People can approach to the song and could relate to the situation.Whatever Dhanush says about his voice but his drunkard style singing has won millions of heart and you will find even stars like Big B,Karan Johar, Abhishekh Bacchan twitting about Kolaveri song.Among other Farah Khan is also caught by the Kolveri viral and is very keen to choreograph the song if offered.According to her it will be a big challenge to choreograph a love failure song like Kolaveri di.

But Dhanush is right now not thinking about the success of his Kolaveri song.It is his latest release movie Mayakkam Enna is what he thinking about.Mayakkam Enna has received a mixed response from public and critics but definitely Kolaveri craze will add have its positive effects on the movie business.


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Kolaveri di in Tom and Jerry style

How will it be to watch and hear Kolaveri di in Tom and Jerry style. Kolaveri di fever doesn’t seems to get over. Infact it is reaching new heights with each passing day. Like Dhanush and Anirudh used their creativeness to create Kolaveri di people are coming up each day with their own verision of Kolaveri di. Using it Kolaveri di to express their feeling.

Some one has come up with the Kolaveri di where you will find Tom singing Kolaveri di song. It is a cute creation and a special must watch for all the tom and jerry fans and I’m sure apart from kids, kids who have grown up watching Tom and Jerry will also love it and will get a chance to relive their childhood days with their kids.

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Female singer of Kolaveri song

As soon as kolaveri song sung by Dhanush became a rage many teasers and rip off started coming up inorder to encash on the popularity of Kolaveri. Among them the one caught the attention was the singer of female version of Kolaveri di.Not much is known about the lady singer.Her name is also unknown.But till we know a little about her lets just enjoy her effort to copy the kolaveri song.

The woman in question, who is enjoying her minutes of fame on the social networking sites, earlier had only two other videos to her credit which are now attracting attention and getting her applauds. When contacted via email, unwilling to reveal her identity, the reluctant soup girl responds, “We are creating our new video. We’ll surely get back to you once we finish this project.” Now that’s what we call, making the best of everything for as long as it lasts.

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Kolaveri song free Download

Kolaveri di song has caught the nerves of the youngters all across India.It has what all call younganthem.Whenever i hear a mobile phone ringing it is the Kolaveri song playing. People are welcoming incoming calls with the kolaveri song.Moreover one of my friend calls on my phone just to hear my caller tune which is also  kolaveri. Perhaps even I’m bitten by Kolaveri bug.Catch the caller tune   Kolaveri_Di_Instru


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Dhanush in Dubai

Dhanush sang Kolaveri di song in the Asianet Film awards 2012 at Dubai film city and rocked the entire stage. People were dazzle by Dhanush. But he won the heart of everyone present their by heing very humble and down to earth. Obviously the success of Kolaveri di hasn’t went into the head of Dhanush. Watch the video to know it.

By the way Kolaveri di is very popular in Gulf especially in Dubai. Night party goers specially request to play this song when they hit the dance floor at clubs. DJs of different Dubai clubs are inventing and remixing the song to play on the floor.


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Release date of 3

Release date of 3 is further postponed from 30th March to 6th April so that the movie doesn’t clash with any other big movie.

Earlier the news was confirmed by Rajinikanth that 3 will be released on 30th March 2012 after many delays for numerous reasons.

Dhanush and Shruti Hassan starer movie 3 which was  scheduled to release on 3rd Feburary,2012 has now been postponed. Tamil Film Producers Council’s (TFPC) has decided  to help the small budget movies to do well. There are around 50 films ready to be released but are not getting theatres show their film since all want to showcase big budget movies. In lieu to save the interest of small budget movie TFPC has decided that big budget movie could be released on big festivals like Sankranthi, Tami New Year, May Day, Independence Day, Diwali and Christmas. Now this decision has affected the release of big budget movie like 3, Saguni etc.

3 which became very the most awaited movie in south and rest of India due to the famous song Kolaveri di could now see the day light on 6th April 2012. The shooting of this romantic movie is completed so is the shooting of famous Kolaveri di song. The movie is already has become very popular due to the song Kolaveri di.Films like Ra One which spends crores to get the publicity this tamil movie has got all the hype without much ado. But for some reason or other the release date has been postponed.

Ashwariya is also planning to release the movie in other parts of the country with English subtitlesand the movie will also be  dubbed  in hindi

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Poonam Pandey Kolaveri di version

Hot and happening Poonam Pndey is once again in news. Though Poonam Pandey remains in news for one reason or another. Sometimes due to her own tactics. But this time she is once again on internet search list due to her crazy and mad fan. This guy along with some of his equally crazy friends or what I don’t know  has created a spoof of kolaveri di dedicated to Poonam Pandey  This is the worst version of Kolaveri di launched till date. The core meaning of the entire song has been changed. The fan of Poonam Pandey had replace the lyrics with  some pungent, cheap down-town lyrics and some sleazy inserts of Poonam’s bathroom videos. Its a complete vulgar video but still the reports says that the video is already grabbing many eyeballs.

Poonam tweets: “Tweethearts!!!! one of my Crazy Fan made a Strip Version of Kolaveri D with Poonam Pandey Check check hahahahaha…”.


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Kolavaeri di

Sonu Nigam’s Son Nevvan sings milk version of Kolaveri

It is only 5 days for Kolaveri to hit the internet official and many teasers are coming up almost everyday.Among one of them is adaptation of the Harwinder singh slapping Sharad Pawar episode.Check out this teaser of of Kolaveri di as Why this Kolaveri jee.It already has 7 lakhs views.

Some more remix of Kolaveri di are coming up.This time it is Karunanidhi asking why her daughter is still in prison.It is the best teaser i have seen. Check it out.And yes this one is not in broken English but video quality is not so good still worth a watch.

These days everyone is suffering from kolaveri fever.All are finding ways to cash on the craze of Kolaveri.Amul is also into the race.Though not through video and recording a teaser but Amul is using kolaveri in print ad.

Kolavaeri di You can see the Amul girl enjoing a slice of bread with Amul butter with a man probably Dhanush in a shooting break.Under Amul mascot its written Why  THi Try This Buy This




Creativeness is going rampage on Kolaveri di. DJ Adee and RJ Roshan has come up with kolaveri di in Gujrati version

Now there are some people who just loved the music of the Kolaveri song but its lyrics are a problem couldn’t connect with the tanglish lyrics of the kolaveri song.For such people kolaveri song in purely tamil version has hit the internet. Chech it out.

Nevvan Nigam. Have you heard this name before. While Dhanush made lover jilted Kolaveri di famous Nevvan Nigam is making milk version of Kolaveri di which is also becoming fast popular.Nevvan Nigam is the son of Sonu Nigam and in the video Nevvan and Sonu along with the family could be seen. The kid has the same chocolate features like his father and no doubt the voice as well.

View all the top 10 version of kolaveri di at times of india.

Now you can also hear Kolaveri di with punjabi beats and they are fast paced so even can think of dancing bangra on it. Catch it and hope you all will like this kolaveri di in a new punjabi avatar.


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Meaning of the entire Kolaveri song

The meaning of the kolaveri song is very simple if you simply understand one line that is “why this kolaveri di”. Literally the meaning of this word kolaveri is murderous rage but after hearing the entire song the explanation why did you dump me girl fits more.The song written using English and Tamil words without any grammar so it could be said that the song is sung in broken English and could be a little irritating and awkward for the people who are obsessed with the grammar. Such people might enjoy this free flowing music and snappiness in the song but lyrics will be a problem. So just a small endeavor to explain the meaning of the entire Kolaveri song


Hello Boys.. I am Singing Song..
Yo boys, I am singing song…
Soup Song..
Rejection Song
Flop Song..
The song for those who have failed in love
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Why this killer rage girl
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Why this killer rage girl
Rhythm Correct..
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Why this killer rage girl
Maintain This..
Why This Kolaveri? Di..
Why this killer rage girl
Distance’la Moon’nu Moon’nu
The moon is in the distance, the moon.
Moon’nu Color’ru White’tu
Moon’s colour is white.
White’tu Background Night’tu Night’tu
Night’s background is white, the night,
Night’tu Color’ru Black’ku
Night’s colour is black.
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
Why this killer rage girl
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
Why this killer rage girl
White’tu Skin’nu Girl’lu Girl’lu
She’s a fair-skinned girl, girl,
Girl’lu Heart’tu Black’ku
Girl’s heart is black,
Eyes’su Eyes’su Meet’tu Meet’tu
Her eyes and my eyes met,
My Future Dark’ku..
My future is now dark.
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Why this killer rage girl
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Why this killer rage girl
Mama, Notes Eduthuko..
Buddy, take notes, and take the saxophone in your hand.
Apdiye Kaila Šnacks Èduthukø..
Our new friend Puppy Manohar thinks that the “snacks” in the original subtitles is a typo which should be “sax”.
Papapa Papapapa Papapa Pa Pa..
Šeriya Vaasi..
Play it right.
Šuper Mama
Super, buddy!
Ready.. Ready 1 2 3 4..
What A Change Over Mama..
Whoa, what a difference buddy!
Ok Mama.. Nøw Tune Change’ju..
Alright buddy, now tune changes…
Kaila Glass’su.. Only Ènglish’sa..
“Kaila” glass… Only English, eh!
Hand’la Glass’su
Glass in hand,
Glass’la Šcøtch’chu
Scotch in glass,
Èyes’su Full’la Tear’ru
Tears in eyes,
Èmpty Life’fu,
Life’s empty,
Girl Cøme’mu
Girl shows up,
Life’fu Reverse’su Gear’ru
Life’s going downhill.
Løve’vu Løve’vu Oh My Løve’vu
Love, love, oh my love,
Yøu Šhøw Tø Me Bøw’vu
You stood me up.
Cøw’vu Cøw’vu Høly Cøw’vu
Cow, cow, holy cow,
I Want Yøu Here Nøw’vu
I want you here now!
Gød I am Dying Nøw’vu
God, I’m dying now,
Šhe Is Happy Høw’vu?
But she’s happy, how?
This Šøng’gu Før Šøup Bøys’su
This song is for the soup boys,
Now here soup boys means boys rejected in love
We Døn’t Have Chøice’su
We don’t have a choice.
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why this killer rage, killer rage, killer rage, girl?
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why this killer rage, killer rage, killer rage, girl?
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why this killer rage, killer rage, killer rage, girl?
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why this killer rage, killer rage, killer rage, girl?
Fløp Šøng..

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Anirudh to perform in IPL

It a hot breaking news. Anirudh Ravichander music composer of the super duper hit song Kolaveri di is said to be approached by big boss of IPL association to give a live performance in the inaugural of the next season of IPL. Anirudh has accepted the offer and no doubt a huge breakthrough in his career will make or  his future. Although his future already looks bright. Reports are going round that bcci will also approach Arjun Coomaraswamy and Neevan Nigam to also perform in IPL 2012. But these reports are yet to confirm. Arjun is the one who sung english version of Kolaveri di and Nevvan Nigam son of Sonu Nigam has sung milk version of Kolaveri di. Both the version are very popular among the audience.

All the Best.

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