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Box office collection of Breaking Dawn Part 1

Breaking Dawn Part 1,movie of a love saga of a vampire and human girl, has held its number 1 position quite strongly for 3 weeks leaving behind The Muppets, Hugo,Arthur Christmas. From its release date i.e. 18th of November,2011 till date Breaking Dawn has grossed over $247.3 million in which $16.9 million has come this week leaving way behind the second best grosser this week The Muppets of Jason Segel and Amy Adams’. The Muppets did business of $11.2 million with total earnings of $60.1 million thus far.Hugo nabbed the No. 3 spot with $7.6 million, while Arthur Christmas came in fourth with $7.4 million, and Happy Feet Two rounded out the top five with $6 million.

The third week of breaking dawn has completed and with little or no competition from any other movie it has continue to hold its no. 1 position.The earnings of third week is $40.4 million, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 sits at $344.8 million internationally while worldwide the number is $594.1 million. This means The Twilight Saga has made almost $2.4 billion in little over 3 years, making it one of the most successful franchises ever on the big screen.

Breaking Dawn Part 1  has earned $8m this weekend who has left behind by a new entrant  New Year’s eve which earned a whopping $13.8m in its first weekend.Next is The Sitter  with $10m .

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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

Breaking DawnBreaking Dawn movie based on the The twilight series by the author Stephenie Meyer is all set to release on 18 November’11. Millions of twilight lovers and fans are anxiously waiting for the movie to release.Breaking Dawn is the last series of the four book series of twilight saga.Due to mammoth size of the book and story telling director Bill Condon decided to film it in two parts.The previous releases of this series especially Eclipse has raised the expectation of the fans sky high.All the previous releases Twilight ,New Moon and Eclipse were blockbusters and an excellent adaptation of the book.But Breaking Dawn adaptation will be a big challenge especially portraying Reneesme character.

Synopsis-Most of the fans of Twilight knows the story of Twilight series of course breaking dawn as well. The one who have recently been caught in the twilight fever here is the little peek into the story line of Breaking Dawn.

Twilight is about an unconditional and fathomless love story of a ordinary human

Breaking Dawn

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being and a vampire.The first book of twilight concentrates on the friction between Bella and Edward. Since it is an unusual of a vampire and a human being falling for each other yet want to stay away from each other for the reasons of their own.The love story is heart rendering and heart breaking because Edward madly in love with Bella but also craving for her blood.It is a inner fight for Edward to stay away from her since he loves him yet not able to do so because of her blood.Bella on the other hand observe and finds Edward different from others but before she could find out who Edward is Bella is in irrevocably in love with Edward.Bella’s blood also sings music for another vampire named James who almost comes near to killing Bella but saved by Edward and his family in nick of time.

Breaking Dawn

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Next book of this series is New Moon which deals with the separation of Edward and Bella,Bella’s growing friendship with Jacob and again the reunion of Bella with Edward.This is the story line up of New Moon in short but when you did  this book it becomes so infectious that readers reaction are influenced by Bella’s reaction.We cry with her when Edward break her heart,feels vacuum in heart  just like Bella,search for some relief and finds that hole filled in the company of Jacob.And overjoyed when Bella final reunion with Edward.The way Edward apologizes to Bella for  leaving her will melt your heart as well just like it did to Bella.The is book also introduces Volturis who are the head of the entire vampire empire and the most powerful vampire clan.All vampire groups are very afraid of them since many of their member are gifted which makes them the most powerful clan among all.Volturi will play a very important role in Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn

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Eclipse is next in the series.The love story between Bella and Edward now becomes a triangular love story with Bella also felling in love with Jacob.Readers as well as characters are torn due to this triangle twist in the love story. The way Stephenie Meyer has written makes it a high dose of emotions which runs through the eyes of readers as well as our favourite character.Bella in love with both Jacob and Edward is confuse whom she love most.Edward is ready to sacrifice his love if Bella chooses Jacob.And Jacob leaves no stone unturned inorder to convince Bella that he is the right choice of  for her.This book reveals the real identitiy of Jacob who is a werewolf and also the return of Victoria whose boyfriend James was killed by Edward inorder to take the revenge by killing Bella.

Last in the series is Breaking Dawn.In this book Edward and Bella get married and on

Breaking Dawn

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her honeymoon she becomes pregnant with a human vampire baby.This pregnancy is different from normal pregnancy which kills Bella.But Edward by biting her make Bella alive once again.But she is not human anymore.Bella is now a vampire and breaking dawn shows the new beginning of her life as vampire.Her baby girl Reenesme is look upon by Volturi as a threat to vampires so they move forward to destroy the child and rest of the book consist of Bella and her clans preparation to fight Volturi.



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Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer

There is a breaking news for the fans of twilight. It is official that Breaking Dawn  Part 2 trailer will be released with the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD. So all of you desperately waiting to have the first the look of the Breaking Dawn Part 2, go grab Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD. Book it now on Amazon.

Some fans have uploaded the breaking dawn part 2 sneak peek which was available in the DVD

Order the your copy of Breaking Dawn part 1 at now at special valentine day sale discounted rate plus it comes in gift wrap as well.So worries to wrap it in a gift paper is also over.

Special Features:

  • 6-part Documentary (viewable in both standard and PIP modes)
  • Bella & Edward’s Personal Wedding Video
  • Becoming Jacob
  • Jump to…(character specific favorite scenes)
  • Audio Commentary with Bill Condon
  •  Blu-Ray/DVD combo includes an extended cut and running time at 135 minutes


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wallpaper of reenesme

First Look of Reenesme in Breaking Dawn Part 2

wallpaper of reenesmeAfter the release of posters of three most important characters of Breaking Dawn i.e Edward, Bella and Jacob now a first look of Reenesme has been reveled.  Though only a small part of her face could be seen as she is protected by her on screen parents Bella and Edward.

Bella in the vampire avatar looks very sharp and of course attractive as well.

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breaking dawn cast

Breaking Dawn Cast

Breaking Dawn Cast or lets say movie on Twilight series has huge cast and characters.Especially in breaking dawn when all the vampires spread worldwide  comes in one place to save Reenesme from Volturi.

In this article we will try to cover all the important breaking dawn cast crucial to mention.Lets start with the Cullen Clan.They are the largest and most powerful among the vampire clans after Volturi another vampire clan.

Cullens are also known as Olympic clan has the highest regards for human race unlike other vampire clans.This is one reason why they survive on animal blood rather than human blood despite their natural crave for human blood.

Cullen Clans consist of four couples. Carlisle and Esme, Edward and Bella, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper.Among these characters Bella,wife of Edward and their daughter Reenesme joins the Cullen family in Breaking Dawn.

breaking dawan castIn Breaking Dawn, Carlisle and Esme characters are played by Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser respectively are fatherly and motherly figures to other members of Cullen family. Carlisle is Doctor by profession and the only member of the family who has completely overpowered the desire for human blood.He is highly respected figure of the vampire world.He has created Esme and later married to her.Since vampire poison freezes the female reproductive system,Carilsle and Esme decides to adopt Edward, Emmett,  Rosalie, Alice,and Jasper. Among them first three characters are were created by Carlisle.

Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed who plays Emmett and breaking dawn castRosalie in the Twilight film series are second couple of Cullen family are very passionate about each other very flambuoyant and expressive about their relationship.They had married several times in their

vampire life.

Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale are third couples in the Tbreaking dawn castwilight Saga. They are  gifted vampires among the members of the Olympic Coven.While Alice can see future,Jasper gained the ability to feel and manipulate people’s emotions, also known as the gift of empathy. In the films, Alice is portrayed by Ashley Greene, and Jasper is portrayed by Jackson Rathbone.

Last and the main couple of this family are Bella and Edward.The entire twilight saga is weaved around this couple.Twilight saga is the love story of a Vampire Edward and Human Bella.Normal nature rules dictates that vampire are dangebreaking dawn castrous for human life and human being should stay away from them.But these two fell for each other irrespective of all the dangers both gets married in Breaking Dawn and also Bella gives birth to vampire-human baby Reneesme.Like Edward can read mind thought and Bella can shield any mental intrusion,Reneesmee has special ability to make people visualise her thoughts and anti sheild.She is the only one who can enter into Bella’s mind. In the film ,Bella is portrayed by Kristen Stewart and Edward is portrayed by Robert Pattinson and Mackenzie Foy plays their daughter.


Next in the list is werewolf pack.



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Breaking Dawn part 1 DVD release date

Summit Entertainment will be launching Breaking Dawn in Blu Ray DVD on 11 Feb,2012 making it a perfect gift for your Valentine on Valentine’s day which is on 14 Feb. So if your valentine is a twilight fan why not to gift her or him the DVD and make this valentine a more special and heart touching moment. So now you don’t have to worry about the valentine gift if your valentine is a twilight fan.

Not only as gift but if you yourself is a twilight fan and want to relive those magical moments of Bella Edward wedding and their honeymoon and wish to keep it always with yourself then you can also pamper yourself with a DVD.

A fan have uploaded the breaking dawn part 2 sneak peek which was available in the DVD. Check it out.



Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD






There are many such in the DVD of Breaking Dawn part 1.

Order the your copy at now at special valentine day sale discounted rate plus it comes in gift wrap as well.So worries to wrap it in a gift paper is also over.

Special Features:

  • 6-part Documentary (viewable in both standard and PIP modes)
  • Bella & Edward’s Personal Wedding Video
  • Becoming Jacob
  • Jump to…(character specific favorite scenes)
  • Audio Commentary with Bill Condon
  •  Blu-Ray/DVD combo includes an extended cut and running time at 135 minutes
  • Trailer of Breaking Dawn Part II


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Breaking Dawn Cast Dolls

Now you can live with your breaking dawn cast forever. Among the breaking dawn cast Bella and Edward , Jacob and Reneesme will be immortalized as dolls for your dream house. Bella and Edward will be flaunting their wedding dresses.

Bella will be looking gorgeous in her ivory satin wedding gown with shoes and flowing hairs and Edward is looking handsome in his Tuxedo suit ready to embrace her sweetheart forever.Part from them Alice, Victoria etc dolls also available. These dolls are launched by Mettle and available on sale at

Jacob in the entire movie series was the oomph factor. With his perfect body he became the dream man with the ideal body any girl grooves on it . So as a doll we can also see and feel it in the same manner. Jacob doll will be shirtless showing his perfect body. And also he doesn’t mess up Edward and Bella he is accompanied by Reneesme half vampire half human daughter of Bella and Edward.

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Wallpaper of Breaking Dawn Part 2

POSTERS OF BREAKING DAWN PART 2Lionsgate has recently released the posters of Breaking Dawn Part 2 last part of the twilight series is schedule to release on 16th November, 2012. The trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 2 has already released though a very small duration one.

Regarding the wallpaper of Breaking Dawn Part 2, posters of Bella, Edward and Jacob has been released. The posters shows half face of the characters with forever written on it. Nothing new in the posters of Jacob and Edward. But we will see transformed Vampire Bella in the Poster with scarlet red eyes. They doesn’t dangerous at all like they looked on Volturi or other newly born vampires or non-veg vampires.

More Wallpapers of Breaking Dawn Part 2 has been released. All are worth a watch especially the one where Bella and Emmett competes. Wow it will be a scene to watch in the movie.

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Full Trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 2

As promised the final and the full Breaking Dawn part 2 trailer has been released. The trailer of the movie promises that the last movie of Twilight saga will be more grand and full of action.

The trailer has been combined. It has visuals of both the first teaser trailer of Breaking dawn part 2 along with the newly released clips. It gives a wholesome views.

Apart from the brown eyes, you will see a lot of red eyes as well and they will be many in numbers. Last scenes of the trailer do confirms the rumors of the change in the plot of Breaking Dawn Part 2 We will definitely see a fight. How deadly it will be or the way in which the entire fight scene will evolve was sadly not shown in the trailer. The producer has kept that a surprise for us which will enfold in the theaters.




The most awaited moment of every Twihard wish has finally come true. The first trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 2 has released with the movie Hunger Game. It shows Bella marriage ring and her happiness of leaving behind 18 years of mediocrity and finally rising towards perfection. Bella looks awesome in those red eyes. Last scene Bella looking for hunt. Oh it will be fun to watch the entire movie.

Click Here the Trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 2


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Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date

Breaking Dawn Movie release date is schedule to be 18 November’11.If everything goes fine it will hit the theater on the plan date itself.But are everyone are ready for this movie.Summit  Entertainment want to make sure for that.As a consequense production house has decided to re release all the previous movies of he Twilight saga, and they’re tossing in a few extra goodies just to sweeten the deal.


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