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Ishqzaade Review

The much awaited film Ishqzaade has released with so much expectation from the bubbly Parineeti Chopra and promising débutante Arjun Kapoor.There is much to admire in Habib Faisal’s new film, but each lovingly crafted nuance is reduced to window-dressing as this alarmingly regressive film first creates a memorably great heroine character, and then misogynistically puts her through the meat-grinder till her spirit breaks and she turns into yet another spunkless pushover. What Faisal does to his Zoya is shameful, dousing a firecracker by turning a genuinely energetic film into a wet blanket.



Zoya and Parma (Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor respectively) belong to two rival political families who are pitted against each other in the upcoming elections. The Qureshis and the Chauhans have had long standing rivalry between them which has been passed on for generations.

Zoya and Parma grow up knowing that they hate each other but somewhere down the line, the fiery bloods fall in love and are willing to fight the world for their love.



Ishaqzaade is nothing you haven’t seen or heard already: the old Romeo-Juliet romance reworked into a small town setting with guns and gore, Yash Raj style. Throw in some French kissing, colourful swearing, street fighting, a righteous mother and some songs and you have Ishaqzaade – love in the times of small town politics.


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