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Dirty Dancing Movie 1987

dirty dancing movie

dirty dancing movie
I got Dirty Dancing movie DVD as a Valentine Gift from my husband along with nine other romantic movies of all time. The movie was released in 1987 but still today in 2014 the movie is so enthralling and entertaining. Not a single scene in the movie we can call outdated or boring. Some movie are just classic and evergreen that can be can watched in any year.

The title of the movie suggest a lot of dirtiness and dancing in the movie. Well indeed there is a lot of dance in the movie. But these days we see so much of haughtiness and bluntly bold intimate scenes that Dirty Dancing is a pretty decent movie to watch.

Photo: I want to do this one day!!!! Dirty Dancing

Dancing in the movie is superb. In fact the chemistry between the lead characters Jennifer Grey as Frances “Baby” Houseman and Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle was incredible. They has spread the magic of romance in the air which could be smelled even today. Specially the last scene of the movie when both pulls out a perfect lift was scintillating moment in the movie.

Since the movie is full of dancing scenes then soundtracks are also there. All of them are very catchy and foot-taping. I personally liked are Hungry Eyes and Time of My Life. In Hungry Eyes track, Jennifer Grey was particularly very naughty it was fun to see her.

Dialogues of the movie were also very good. They were crisp and snappy. Especially the famous line by the character Johnny,¬†“Nobody puts Baby in a corner”, “I carried a watermelon” by Baby, “This is my dance space and That is your Dance space”

Know more about the plot of the movie at Wikipedia.

The movie has everything to sparkle the romance with your partner.

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