Flash Mob on Chikani Chameli by Senior Citizen in Latest Movie and Celebrity News

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Flash Mob on Chikani Chameli by Senior Citizen

Who said that elders are just for nagging and preaching to their younger ones. There will be always a generation gap between the elders and younger. But things are changing now. Seniors are also participating in these which are said to be mend only for youngsters. This has been shown by 40 odd senior citizen organizing a flash mob in a mall. Elders leaving behind all their aging pains where seen dancing on popular numbers like dhinka chika , chamak challo and chikani chameli.

It was an utter delight to watch our grannies dancing with full of energy and liveliness and they were enjoying doing it as well leaving behind their shyness and thinking what others will think. This flash mob was organised by a group of college students of Wilson College. Do watch this must-see video and admire our elders and even encourage elders at your home to keep moving  their stagnant life do things which they always wished to do as young but never manage to do.

Hurray to our Elders.

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