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Telugu Lyrics in Chammak Challo

Telugu Lyrics in chammak challo.

Telugu words are not there in the lyrics of chammak challo.There are loads of people who are quite curious as well as confuse about the lyrics of Chammak Challo.This song has three lyrics English,Hindi and Tamil. English and Hindi male part of the song is sung by Akon.His style of singing has made this song quite unique to hear.But Chammak challo song becomes quite infectious with tamil lyrics cropping up in between the song.These Tamil lyrics along with hindi lyrics in the song are sung by Hamsika Iyer. But the song have no Telugu lyrics.


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Chammak Challo in Tamil and Telugu

After seeing the super duper success of chammak challo song in telugu and tamil version shahrukh has released the movie teasers in tamil.The movie is also schedule to release in tamil and telugu version.

Latest Update

When the song Chammak Challo was released in Hindi it took bollywood by storm but reports shows that tamil version of chammak challo is tsunami.Tamil version realeased in Chennai is simply loved by people and this chart buster could be heard everywhere.

Chammak Challo  in Tamil and Telugu along with other songs of Ra one the much awaited version has been finally been unveiled on Monday, October 10 in Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai. Vishal and Shekhar along with Shahrukh are keeping their fingers cross as they wait for the response of the songs.Chamak Challo,Criminal,Dildara are already big hits and regular number tuned everywhere.

Keep tuning in to listen the tamil and telugu version of chammak challo.Will be coming soon.

Here is the Dildara song in Tamil

Catch the infectious Chammak Challo in Tamil only on You Tube

They are just teasers full version will be uploaded soon till then keep tuning in and enjoy the song.

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