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Kolaveri di in Punjabi Version

Raj Buttar a Punjabi munda along his friends Channi Singh, Hardeep Singh and Angrez Singh are living a dream of their life. Something they thought is only possible in their sleep is now a reality. Kolaveri di has make it possible. Thanks to kolaveri di lovers of music all these four fast friends has come up with their own punjabi version of Kolaveri di which is also loved by surfers and already has 7.5 lakh hits.

It is a light hearted song with no english words used. It has been sung in punjabi and the famous paapa paapa is replaced by ringa rniga ringa and ready 1 2 3 is replaced by ek do teen char. Ofcourse no punjabi desi song is complete without the famous balle balle. These punjabi lads manage to include even balle balle in the song.Unlike the original song along with all other versions of kolaveri di this punjabi version does not have inbuild lyrics with the video.

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Hot pics of Sunny Leone in Jism2

Who is the girl behind this wet transparent sheet. It was a big suspense.With Jism2 written on the wallpaper we were expecting a hot sensational girl behind the sheet.

And of course we were not disappointed. She is definitely the new sensation. She is Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone has signed Jism2.

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Download Movie Agneepath For Free

As soon as a movie releases it download comes on the internet. But they are not always good quality links. Some are hall prints and others are so irritating that it is better not to watch. But here is a very good Bly ray print quality link for the movie Agneepath.


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Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

Breaking DawnBreaking Dawn movie based on the The twilight series by the author Stephenie Meyer is all set to release on 18 November’11. Millions of twilight lovers and fans are anxiously waiting for the movie to release.Breaking Dawn is the last series of the four book series of twilight saga.Due to mammoth size of the book and story telling director Bill Condon decided to film it in two parts.The previous releases of this series especially Eclipse has raised the expectation of the fans sky high.All the previous releases Twilight ,New Moon and Eclipse were blockbusters and an excellent adaptation of the book.But Breaking Dawn adaptation will be a big challenge especially portraying Reneesme character.

Synopsis-Most of the fans of Twilight knows the story of Twilight series of course breaking dawn as well. The one who have recently been caught in the twilight fever here is the little peek into the story line of Breaking Dawn.

Twilight is about an unconditional and fathomless love story of a ordinary human

Breaking Dawn

Twilight at Amazon at attractive price

being and a vampire.The first book of twilight concentrates on the friction between Bella and Edward. Since it is an unusual of a vampire and a human being falling for each other yet want to stay away from each other for the reasons of their own.The love story is heart rendering and heart breaking because Edward madly in love with Bella but also craving for her blood.It is a inner fight for Edward to stay away from her since he loves him yet not able to do so because of her blood.Bella on the other hand observe and finds Edward different from others but before she could find out who Edward is Bella is in irrevocably in love with Edward.Bella’s blood also sings music for another vampire named James who almost comes near to killing Bella but saved by Edward and his family in nick of time.

Breaking Dawn

New Moon at amazon

Next book of this series is New Moon which deals with the separation of Edward and Bella,Bella’s growing friendship with Jacob and again the reunion of Bella with Edward.This is the story line up of New Moon in short but when you did  this book it becomes so infectious that readers reaction are influenced by Bella’s reaction.We cry with her when Edward break her heart,feels vacuum in heart  just like Bella,search for some relief and finds that hole filled in the company of Jacob.And overjoyed when Bella final reunion with Edward.The way Edward apologizes to Bella for  leaving her will melt your heart as well just like it did to Bella.The is book also introduces Volturis who are the head of the entire vampire empire and the most powerful vampire clan.All vampire groups are very afraid of them since many of their member are gifted which makes them the most powerful clan among all.Volturi will play a very important role in Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn

Eclipse at attractive price at Amazon

Eclipse is next in the series.The love story between Bella and Edward now becomes a triangular love story with Bella also felling in love with Jacob.Readers as well as characters are torn due to this triangle twist in the love story. The way Stephenie Meyer has written makes it a high dose of emotions which runs through the eyes of readers as well as our favourite character.Bella in love with both Jacob and Edward is confuse whom she love most.Edward is ready to sacrifice his love if Bella chooses Jacob.And Jacob leaves no stone unturned inorder to convince Bella that he is the right choice of  for her.This book reveals the real identitiy of Jacob who is a werewolf and also the return of Victoria whose boyfriend James was killed by Edward inorder to take the revenge by killing Bella.

Last in the series is Breaking Dawn.In this book Edward and Bella get married and on

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn at Amazon

her honeymoon she becomes pregnant with a human vampire baby.This pregnancy is different from normal pregnancy which kills Bella.But Edward by biting her make Bella alive once again.But she is not human anymore.Bella is now a vampire and breaking dawn shows the new beginning of her life as vampire.Her baby girl Reenesme is look upon by Volturi as a threat to vampires so they move forward to destroy the child and rest of the book consist of Bella and her clans preparation to fight Volturi.



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Chammak Challo

Hamsika Iyer Female singer in Chammak Challo of Ra.One

Hamsika Iyer

Chammak Challo Hamsika Iyer has has made many bells rings.ious.She is the female singer in chammak challo song about whom people are so curious. While listening to Ra.One’s song Chammak Challo,we were all busy with the voice of Akon when suddenly, a female voice catches our attention.I think this is true in everyone case. Not only the voice but also the lyrics. Yes lyrics of the song. The song Chammak Challo apart from  English and Hindi also has Tamil lyrics and these tamil lyrics were sung by Hamsika Iyer.

Hamsika Iyer is  a Mumbai based singer who is a regular voice with ad world jingles, Marathi tele-serials, and has sung songs in Tamil and Hindi movies. After a little brainstorming I remember seeing her in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. She was the finalist of this reality show. She also participated in Close Up Antakshari hosted by Anu Kapoor. Hamsika got her real break into bollywood through the song Chand Re of the movie Eklavya by Vidhu Vinod Chopra in 2007. She never looked back after this song.Singer of many popular song Hamsika Iyer has now become a household name with Chammak Challo.

Hamsika Iyer’s has excellently coordinated with Akon and her voice blend well with Akon’s style of singing and the results could be seen with the kind of response the song Chammak Challo has received.The song will make you groove.People are not only curious about Akon but also female singer of the song Hamsika Iyer. Chammak Challo has also become DJ’s favourite.Bollywood songs with English and Hindi lyrics is very common but  Tamil lyrics is the uniqueness of Chammak Challo.People have confusion with some other south indian language lyrics.But Tamil is the only south indian language in chammak challo.

Check out the lyrics sung by Hamsika Iyer in Chammak Challo and also thetamil  lyrics meaning

nnai thottal un ullathai norukka mattiyo
(wont your soul crush when you touch me)

ennai pola pennai pathu, mayanga mattiyo
(wont you be mesmerizd when you see a girl like me)

kannil kannai pootivittal vittal, sirikka mattiyo
(wont you smile, when our eyes make contact)

ennil unnai serthu vittal ottikka maattiyo
(wont you just stick to me if we come close)

If you are looking for full and complete lyrics of Chammak Challo of both Hamsika Iyer and Akon then you can click on the link given below

The lyrics of Chammak Challo

Check out the full video of chammak challo with Hamsika Iyer’s voice tamil lyrics.




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Manisha Koirala’s Marriage on Rocks

Ek Ladki ko dekha tto aisa laga. Manisha Koirala has set many heart drooling with her amazing natural beauty and acting skills. Today she is hardly recognisable. Manisha who was always known for drinking habit  has now become an addiction. She is reportedly drinking a lot. It has now been confirmed that Manisha is filing for divorce from her Nepali husband Samrat Dahal.

Manisha who got married to Samrat a notable businessman of Nepal in 2010. But soon she realised that it was a mistake and that they are not made  for each other. Manisha is not at all happy with this relationship and has returned back to Mumbai from where she will be filing for divorce.

We pray god give her enough strength to fight in this difficult part of her life.

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Kareena Next Munni in Dabanng 2

After Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor is also fast becoming a popular choice for item numbers. Her chammak challo in Ra. one and now dil mera muft ka in Agent Vinod were instant hit. She is reportedly doing two item numbers in Heroine. The latest news is that Kareena will be next Munni in  Salman Khan starer Dabanng 2 sequel of super hit movie Dabanng.

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Official Trailer of Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

Vishal Bhardwaj’s next directorial venture Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’s trailer has hit the net. The name of the movie is very is very weird. Lets simplify it. Matru is Irfan Khan who is flaunting a beard rugged look. Bijli is Anushka Sharma who is full of charm and lightening in the movie. Mandola is Pankaj Kapoor. Now what is the chemistry betwenn the three is yet to be known but it is comedy movie as described by Vishal.

Click Here for the trailer of the movie Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

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Ashwarya’s daughter Name

She has to wait for four long months to be officially named. Aaradhya Bachchan is the name with which Beti B daughter of Ashwarya and Abhisheik and granddaughter of Amitabh and Jaya. will be known to the world. Aaradhya is a Sanskrit word which means ‘the one who should be worshiped’, and is generally used for boys according to Abhishek.

Ok so that was the name story. Aaradhya has been gifted an Audi A8 by his father. A brand new Audi which is a four door luxury sedan with multitronic automatic transmissions and high-end electronic safety features has been ordered and registered in the name of Aaradhya. Lucky One


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1Katrina Kaif cleavage

Katrina in Dhoom3

1Katrina Kaif cleavageDhoom 3 a much awaited action and thriller movie after Don 2 due to the presence of Aamir Khan who will be entering in the shoes of John Abhrahim and Hrthik Roshan  is all set to go on floors next year. The film is also keenly awaited for yet another reason.

Reports are going round that Katrina Kaif who had set fire on the silver screen from her sizzling item numbers Sheila ki Jawani and Chikani Chameli will be doing another item number in Dhoom 3.

Katrina will also be seen doing some dangerous stunt scenes in the movie. There are at least 3 major action sequences for which she was to be specially trained. Adrenaline is really boiling up. Sexy Queen will become Action Queen.

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