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sexy photo of sunny leone

Hot Sunny Leone in an Item Dance

sexy photo of sunny leoneIf every thing goes well then soon Sunny Leone will be seen sizzling in an item number.The very famous south producer Ramu of Ramu International has approached Sunny to go an item number for his movie. So if Sunny gives her consent which is very likely then see will be seen setting Kanada screen on fire.

Sunny Leone has become very famous in India after her stint in Big Boss. She quickly became a household name. Though she is very well known name in Porn world. But now in India specially in Kolkata their is a lot of demand for her videos.



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Female singer of Kolaveri song

As soon as kolaveri song sung by Dhanush became a rage many teasers and rip off started coming up inorder to encash on the popularity of Kolaveri. Among them the one caught the attention was the singer of female version of Kolaveri di.Not much is known about the lady singer.Her name is also unknown.But till we know a little about her lets just enjoy her effort to copy the kolaveri song.

The woman in question, who is enjoying her minutes of fame on the social networking sites, earlier had only two other videos to her credit which are now attracting attention and getting her applauds. When contacted via email, unwilling to reveal her identity, the reluctant soup girl responds, “We are creating our new video. We’ll surely get back to you once we finish this project.” Now that’s what we call, making the best of everything for as long as it lasts.

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Dance Karle English mein item song of Joker

Dance Karle English mein nach le hindi mein. These are the lyrics of the item song of the Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha starer movie Joker.The shooting of this song has just finish.With this item number Sonakshi’s wish to do item number is fulfilled.Sonakshi is seen wearing red and golden chanya choli like a village girl surrounded by villagers blissful and happy.

Video is yet to be released but it will be interesting to wait and watch whether Dance Karle…too becomes a huge rage like Chikni…or falls flat just as a replica. Joker is a comedy movie.

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Trailer of movie Talaash

Wait to watch a few glimpse of Aamir Khan’s movie Talaash will be over with the release of the movie Agneepath. Theatrical trailer of Talaash is ready and upto the expectation of Aamir. So it was finally decided that the trailers of Talaash will be released with the movie Agneepath.

So now lets wait for the republic day to come because Agneepath will be hitting the theater on 26th January.

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Kyon Song of Barfi Lyrics and Video

Kyon is a very sweet song. The lyrics are a little difficult and have to hear it attentively to understand the full meaning of the song. It is a different song in comparison to the kind the songs are releasing every now and then with English lyrics being added to the song.

In the song Ranbir and Priyanka are seen having a blast. So carefree. Wish it is possible to be so care free in today’s competitive world where everyone are running. That why we all love watching movies. Because in movies we manage to live what we wished in our real life.

Here are the lyrics and Video of the song Kyon from Barfi. ENJOY

Na hum tum
Chalein tedhe medhe se raston pe nange paanv re
Chal bhatak le na baawre

Na hum tum
Phire jaake almast pehchani rahon ke pare
Chal bhatak le na baawre

Inn timtimati nigaahon mein
Inn chamchamati adaaon mein
Luke hue
Chhupe hue
Hai kya khayal baawre..

Na hum tum
Chale zindagi ke nashe mein hi dhut sarphire
Chal bhatak le na baawre

Na hum tum
Talashein bageechon mein phursat bhari chhanv re
Chal bhatak le na baawre

Inn gungunati fizaaon mein
Inn sarsarati hawaaon mein
Tukar tukar yun dekhe kya
Kya tera haal baawre

Na lafz kharch karna tum
Na lafz kharch hum karenge
Nazar ke kankadon se
Khamoshiyon ki khidkiyan
Yun todenge mila ke mast baat phir karenge
Na harf kharch karna tum
Na harf kharch hum karenge
Nazar ki syahi se likhenge
Tujhe hazar chitthiyaan khamoshi jhidkiyaan
Tere pate pe bhej denge

Sunn khankhanati hai zindagi le
Humein bulati hai zindagi
Jo karna hai wo aaj kar
Na isko taal baawre
Ye aha ha

Na hum tum
Chalein tedhe medhe se raston pe nange paanv re
Chal bhatak le na baawre

Na hum tum
Phire jaa ke almast pehchani raahon ke pare
Chal bhatak le na baawre

Inn timtimaati nigaahon mein
Inn chamchamati adaaon mein
Luke hue
Chhupe hue
Hai kya khayal baawre

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Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya relation staus

Siddharth Mallya who was seen everywhere with Deepika Padukone be it IPL matches or parties. Where there is Deepika, we could easily find Siddharth somewhere near. In fact in one of the IPL matches Siddharth smooched Deepika. Reports are also round that a 16 crore flat was gifted to Deepika  by Siddharth. Of course such lavish gifts were given when things were almost rosy for Kingfisher. But now things are not so rosy betwenn the two.

It is only a rumor that Deepika and Siddharth are not together anymore and they had a breakup though it is yet to be confirmed. Siddharth now has passion for Soman Kapoor and has been found complimenting her wherever possible.


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Shahrukh Misbehaves After the Victory in an IPL match

Shahrukh these days seems to be in news for all the wrong reasons. He doesn’t have the control over his temper. After the slapgate incidnet with Farhan Khan’s husband Shirish Kundra, Shahrukh Khan was seen misbehaving with the security guard.

After the victory of KKR against Mumbai Indians in Wankhade Stadium Shahrukh went into the dressing room to congratulate his team and later straight went to the stadium where he was stop by the  security guard as no one was allowed to go into the ground.

Shahrukh lost his temper on this. He pushed the guard and used abusive language against him. The complaint has been filed against  him and if charges are confirmed then he will face a life time ban from Wankhade Stadium.

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Gwen Stacy

Spiderman 4 Cast

The whole script of Spiderman was scrapped and written all over again. With the rebooting of the plot, the star cast of the movie is changed completely.

andrew garfieldOur favorite Tobey Maguire had been replaced by Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and also spiderman. He is sleek and young full of energy in the trailers.

Gwen StacyEmma Stone plays Gwen Stacy plays Peter Parker’s love interest in high school. She is in the shoes of Kirsten Dunst.



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ram charan teja

Ram Charan Tej in Zanjeer remake

ram charan tejaSuperstar of Telugu cinema Ram Charan Tej is all set to make enter into the bollywood cinema. Reliance Entertainment has a roped in Ram charan Tej in the remake of 1973 classic bollywood superhit movie Zanjeer which stared Pran and Amitabh Bachchan. Ram will be playing the role of the cop and the movie is schedule to release in both Hindi and Telugu. Ram Charan has been recently engaged and is schedule to get married this year.

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Official Trailer of Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum

Slip of your tongue and you pronounce a word incorrectly leads to cracking a dirty jokes. It is Cool or Kool. Well that is what Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum all about. It is a sequel of Kya Kool Hai Hum.

The first movie Kya Kool Hai Hum, shows every scene in such a way that it created an illusion that something dirty is going on but then there was nothing what the viewers thought it was only their dirty thinking.

Similar but a little different is the situation of Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum you will know when you will watch its trailer. But for god sake why they included Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam movie scenes in the Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum trailer is something I cannot figure out.

Any guess

The new ‘adult’ version of the Kya Super Kool Hain Hum trailer has been released on the internet. Much like the first, the second trailer too has plenty of double-meaning, sex jokes.


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