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Official Trailer of Barfi

Official Trailer of Barfi has released. The Barfi starts with Ranbir Kapoor combing his hair and then comes out his plaits. Since Ranbir is playing a role of dumb and deaf in the movie, the trailer only had a background music. Surprisingly no sign of Priyanka Chopra in the trailer. It is said her role is a surprise in the movie hence kept away from the media.

Priyanka has finally appeared in the trailer of Barfi released with the movie Bol Bachchan. She was in fact a surprise element in the movie. She is looking completely in the movie. Couldn’t even recognize at the first. Curly short hairs, wearing skirt and top. She is looking like a girl of 20 years. By the way she is playing the role of mentally handicapped while Ranbir is playing the role of deaf and mute young boy but full of life and pranks.


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wallpaper of rani mukherjee

Official Trailer of Rani and Prithviraj’s Aiyya Released

wallpaper of rani mukherjeeFor the movie Aiyya, Rani Mukherjee has turned into a Marathi mugli who is in search for her Mr Right. And a big surprise to her parents she likes dusky hunks of South India and falls for Prithviraj. Prithviraj who is Malyali cinema’s superstar is making entry in bollywood through the movie Aiyya.

The first look and the digital poster of the movie Aiyya has been released. Alomg with it the trailer of the movie has also been released. The trailer of Aiyya promises it to be a comic movie with lots of funny moments in the movie. Rani’s character is the combination of three superstar heroines of bollywood. They are Sridevi, Madhuri and Directed by Sachin Kundalkar and co-produced by Anurag Kashyap and Viacom 18, Aiyya will release October 12th.

Catch the trailer of Aiyya


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Wallpapers of Katrina Kaif as Chikani Chameli

Chikani Chameli

Katrina Kaif as Chikani Chameli

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Catching Fire Movie Trailer 2013

Lionsgate are all charged up after the huge success of Hunger Game on the Box Office. The film is critically acclaimed and Hunger Game reviews are very impressive. The next film Catching Fire is all set to go on the floors. Auditions to select the cast of Catching Fire has already begun. Shooting is also to expect to begin very soon.

But fans of Hunger Game are already in action. They are using their imaginations to show their creativity and also love for the movie series. There are many fan-made trailer of Catching Fire but I like this one the most hence on the site. Specially the last scene where golden arrow meets the Mokingjay statue to form Mockingjay Pins.These days Mockingjay Pins are quite a rage among the younsters.

Here is the link to the video.



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Krrish 3

Shooting of Krrish 3 has begun.It is continuation of Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish. Krrish 3 will continue with the pair of Krrish i.e. Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra.Before Krrish we will see this pair in the upcoming movie Agneepath releasing on 26th January 2012.

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Box office collection of Breaking Dawn Part 1

Breaking Dawn Part 1,movie of a love saga of a vampire and human girl, has held its number 1 position quite strongly for 3 weeks leaving behind The Muppets, Hugo,Arthur Christmas. From its release date i.e. 18th of November,2011 till date Breaking Dawn has grossed over $247.3 million in which $16.9 million has come this week leaving way behind the second best grosser this week The Muppets of Jason Segel and Amy Adams’. The Muppets did business of $11.2 million with total earnings of $60.1 million thus far.Hugo nabbed the No. 3 spot with $7.6 million, while Arthur Christmas came in fourth with $7.4 million, and Happy Feet Two rounded out the top five with $6 million.

The third week of breaking dawn has completed and with little or no competition from any other movie it has continue to hold its no. 1 position.The earnings of third week is $40.4 million, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 sits at $344.8 million internationally while worldwide the number is $594.1 million. This means The Twilight Saga has made almost $2.4 billion in little over 3 years, making it one of the most successful franchises ever on the big screen.

Breaking Dawn Part 1  has earned $8m this weekend who has left behind by a new entrant  New Year’s eve which earned a whopping $13.8m in its first weekend.Next is The Sitter  with $10m .

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nude photo of Ashmit

Like Veena Malik, Ashmit Patel goes Nude

Veena Malik recently hit the headlines both in Pakistan and India for posing nude for a magazine. It surely is proving to be quite profitable for Veena for cementing her position in bollywood. She also has signed a British movie.

Taking  a cue from it Ashmit Patel has also shed all his clothes for a magazine Men’s Health wher te he will be guiding men to choose right underwear. Veena and Ashmit came close in the reality show Big Boss.

The black and white picture sees the bare Silsilay star

hiding his private part with an undergarment.

Ashmit reportedly features in a write-up for the style section of the magazine, advising the fellow men to go for right kind of underwear be it trunks or briefs.

As the actor has always maintained a lean, well-sculpted body, the photo where he poses in the buff, covering his manliness with a brief, doesn’t make a vulgar picture.

The actor was last seen on the TV series Superstud, where he trained boys on how to attract women.

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Kolaveri di in Tom and Jerry style

How will it be to watch and hear Kolaveri di in Tom and Jerry style. Kolaveri di fever doesn’t seems to get over. Infact it is reaching new heights with each passing day. Like Dhanush and Anirudh used their creativeness to create Kolaveri di people are coming up each day with their own verision of Kolaveri di. Using it Kolaveri di to express their feeling.

Some one has come up with the Kolaveri di where you will find Tom singing Kolaveri di song. It is a cute creation and a special must watch for all the tom and jerry fans and I’m sure apart from kids, kids who have grown up watching Tom and Jerry will also love it and will get a chance to relive their childhood days with their kids.

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Titanic 3D Trailer

While watching the Trailer of Titanic 3D it took me back to my school days. We were all crazy about Leonaro Di Caprio and used to spend whole day singing the epic song  “Every Night In My Dreams. It was like reliving those moments again but this time in 3D so much sophisticated and sharper experience than before. Something which will not change is the magic which the movie created. I still see couples posing everything in Titanic style with hands wide open breathing in fresh smile and getting ready for a smiling photo.

Click Here to watch the trailer of Titanic 3D

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Irrfan Khan in Spiderman 4 as Dr. Ratha

Irrfan Khan a well known name of bollywood for his intense acting skills is all set to leave his mark in the forthcoming American fantasy movie Spiderman 4 or The amazing Spiderman 4. Irrfan Khan has already left his marks in Slumdog Millionaire in 2008. This will be his second film with Hollywood.

In Spiderman 4 he will be playing the role of another antagonist character called Niels Van Adder or Dr Ratha as he will be known in the movie. While Niels Van Adder is the comic name. He will be second villain assisting the main villain of the movie The Lizard played by Rhys Ifans. Rhys Ifans plays the role of Dr. Curt Connors who later transforms into evil incarnation of lizard.

Irrfan’s character also eventually transforms into a monster named Proto-Goblin in the comics. He is the red-skinned and yellow-haired monster who becomes very powerful in the next series of the comic. However Irrfan says that we won’t have to wear the costume of Proto-Goblin so it is yet to know how his character comes out in the movie. For that we have to wait for the movie to release. The release date of the spiderman 4 is 3rd May 2012.

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