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Ferrari Ki Sawaari Trailer

At last our wait to see the trailer of Ferrari ki Sawaari is at last over. I was eagerly waiting for it due to two reason. First it will be first time we will se Sharman Joshi to play a lead role in a solo hero movie.Till date we have seen him in multistarrer movies. Though known for his comic timing and good  and natural acting skills never got a chance to carry a movie all alone on his shoulders. But with Ferrari ki Sawaari this drought will end. Last reason to have an idea how creative the movie will be.

Indeed after seeing the trailer i was not disappointed. The trailer starts with the song All Is Well from 3 Idiots a super duper hit movie from Vidhu Vinod Camp based on the novel Five Point Something by Chetan Bhagat. And I was left wondering from where All is Well came in Ferrai ki Sawarri. But then suddenly Aamir Khan and Madhavan disappears leaving behind Sharman who is having a joyful ride in Ferrari of course red in color.

Talaash trailer which were scheduled to release with Don2 movie has been put in the cold storage now.As the trailers are not up to expectation of the Aamir.But instead of Talaash Ferrari ki Sawari trailers were  launched.

New trailer of Ferrari ki Sawari has been released. Vidhu Vinod claims the movie to be comedy but there was nothing funny in the trailer which would make you laugh. Check it out.

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vidya balan in red hot saree

Vidya Balan in Mala Jau De item song in Ferrari ki Sawari

A few days ago I wrote how so many actress are readily agreeing to do an item number which was in older days was the job of actress who used to do vamp or negative roles. The latest addition in this series is of Vidya Balan. She agreed to do an item song for Ferari ki Sawari. Vidya Balan’s item song name is Mala Jau De. The item number ‘Mala Jau De’ is an authentic lavani song and stars Balan in traditional Maharashtrian attire. Click Here To See Many More Such Wallpapers Of Vidya Balan

vidya balan in red hot sareeVidya Balan like Katrina Kaif in Agneepath will be dancing on lavni. She has been taking special training in lavni for this particular item song. Vidya will seen flaunting a red sari.

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