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katy perry

Katy Perry’s Part of Me 3D Poster

katy perryKaty Perry today on twitter posted the 3D poster of her upcoming movie Part of Me.

The picture shows Katy in a messy dressing room where she is singing in style with her hair brush as microphone and the image of superstar in the mirror.

Watch the trailer of Part of Me


Katy Perry unveils ‘Part of Me’ 3D movie poster

Published Friday, May 18 2012, 19:12 BST | By Jennifer Still | 3 comments

Katy Perry has unveiled the theatrical poster for her upcoming 3D concert film Part of Me.

The Teenage Dream star released the photograph, which bears the tagline “Be yourself and you can be anything”, via her Twitter account, teasing the project’s July 5 release date.

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wallpaper of son of sardar

Wallpaper of Son of Sardar

first look of son of sardarwallpaper of son of sardarThe first look of Son of Sardar has been released. As we can see and as the name of the movie suggest Ajay is flaunting a typical sardar looks in the movie. Since he is riding a horse then surely some great actions stunts would also be seen in the movie. In fact Son of Sardar is an action movie with comedy ka tadka.

The film is a remake of Telugu movie Maryada Ramanna.

Click Here to see more wallpaper of Son of Sardar.

More new posters of son of sardar has been released and seeing them shows the creativity of the team of Son of Sardar. They have given a comic look to the posters which quite innovative and reveals the funny side of the movie. So apart from some action the movie might also tickle our funny bones as well.

Check out the posters of Son of Sardar. They are worth a watch.

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Pallavi Sharda in the Movie Besharam

besharamAfter much speculation, Anurag Basu has signed Pallavi Sharda for the female lead opposite Ranbir Kapoor. Previously it was Parineeti Chopra who was finalised for tthis role but later due to some unknown reason she was dropped from the project.

Pallavi Sharda was seen before in the movie Love Breakups Zindagi and the recently released Heroine. She was having small roles in both the films. But in Besharam she will be first time seeing playing a lead role that also opposite industries most hottest hero Ranbir Kapoor. Pallavi is said to be an ardent fan of Sridevi.

Besharam, which begins shooting in December, is expected to hit the screens by the end of next year.

Besharam, which begins shooting in December, is expected to hit the screens by the end of next year.

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Kolaveri Song Meaning

The credit for this meaning goes to Srinivasan .


Why This Kolaveri Di (Why this murderous rage, girl?)

The lyrics of this song is rather simple and is written in the easiest form of Tanglish , a mixture of Tamil and English . The lyrics portray the feelings of an average Indian boy, who has failed in love, or who has some problems with his girl. The song starts as mentioned below:
“Yo boys I am sing song, soup song, flop song. Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di, Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di.”

Why this Kolaveri Di? : Why do you have this Kolaveri, Girl? (Represents the guy’s feeling after his girlfriend ditched him).
Kolaveri: Urge to Kill/Torment/Hurt (meaning varies on situation) someone. Used in a lighter vein in the song and Tamil slang.

Soup Song : A song about failing in love.

Soup Boys : Men who have failed in love.

Sariyaa Vaasi : Play the music properly.

Showed me Bouv-u : Rejected me (When you go near a dog, it barks ‘Bow’ which means, go away don’t come near me. Similarly when you go after a girl and she shoos you away, it is called showing ‘Bow-u’. In a funny way.)[9]

Da or Mama : Tamil variant of “Dude” or “Bro”

Di : Tamil variant of “Girl” or “Babe”

Notes eduthuko… Appadiye kaiyla snacks eduthuko : Take notes… And have some snacks in hand. (This line precedes the verse in which Dhanush sings about having Scotch Whiskey. In India, it is customary to have some snacks alongside alcoholic drinks).

Appadiye kaiyla sax eduthuko : Even though the youtube viral video lyrics mentioned ‘snacks’ & Dhanush’s lip movement matches the words Snacks, popular alternate understanding is its actually Sax as for Saxophone, as the song continues into a saxophone tune pa pa paan pa pa, and the singer hints the player to play the music properly ‘Sariyaa Vaasi’ then after a hiatus in the middle the song starts again ‘one, two, three, four’ the Saxophone is actually played in the same pa pa paan tune.


Yo boys i am singing song
Soup song…
Flop song …
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Rhythm correct
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Maintain this
Why this di.

Distance la moonu moonu moonu coloru whiteu
white background nightu nigthu
nightu coloru blacku
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

White skin-u girl-u girl-u
Girl-u heart-u black-u
Eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u
My future dark
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Maama notes eduthuko
Apdiye kaila snacks eduthuko
Pa pa paan pa pa paan pa pa paa pa pa paan
Sariya vaasi
Super maama ready
Ready 1 2 3 4

Whaa wat a change over maama
Ok maama now tune change-u
Kaila glass only english
Hand la glass
Glass la scotch
Eyes-u full-aa tear-u
Empty life-u
Girl-u come-u
Life reverse gear-u
Lovv-u lovv-u, oh my lovv-u
You showed me bouv-u
Cow-u cow-u holi cow-u
i want u hear now-u
god i m dying now-u
she is happy how-u

This song for soup boys-u
We dont have choice-u
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di [x4]
Flop song

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Chammak Challo

Hamsika Iyer Female singer in Chammak Challo of Ra.One

Hamsika Iyer

Chammak Challo Hamsika Iyer has has made many bells rings.ious.She is the female singer in chammak challo song about whom people are so curious. While listening to Ra.One’s song Chammak Challo,we were all busy with the voice of Akon when suddenly, a female voice catches our attention.I think this is true in everyone case. Not only the voice but also the lyrics. Yes lyrics of the song. The song Chammak Challo apart from  English and Hindi also has Tamil lyrics and these tamil lyrics were sung by Hamsika Iyer.

Hamsika Iyer is  a Mumbai based singer who is a regular voice with ad world jingles, Marathi tele-serials, and has sung songs in Tamil and Hindi movies. After a little brainstorming I remember seeing her in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. She was the finalist of this reality show. She also participated in Close Up Antakshari hosted by Anu Kapoor. Hamsika got her real break into bollywood through the song Chand Re of the movie Eklavya by Vidhu Vinod Chopra in 2007. She never looked back after this song.Singer of many popular song Hamsika Iyer has now become a household name with Chammak Challo.

Hamsika Iyer’s has excellently coordinated with Akon and her voice blend well with Akon’s style of singing and the results could be seen with the kind of response the song Chammak Challo has received.The song will make you groove.People are not only curious about Akon but also female singer of the song Hamsika Iyer. Chammak Challo has also become DJ’s favourite.Bollywood songs with English and Hindi lyrics is very common but  Tamil lyrics is the uniqueness of Chammak Challo.People have confusion with some other south indian language lyrics.But Tamil is the only south indian language in chammak challo.

Check out the lyrics sung by Hamsika Iyer in Chammak Challo and also thetamil  lyrics meaning

nnai thottal un ullathai norukka mattiyo
(wont your soul crush when you touch me)

ennai pola pennai pathu, mayanga mattiyo
(wont you be mesmerizd when you see a girl like me)

kannil kannai pootivittal vittal, sirikka mattiyo
(wont you smile, when our eyes make contact)

ennil unnai serthu vittal ottikka maattiyo
(wont you just stick to me if we come close)

If you are looking for full and complete lyrics of Chammak Challo of both Hamsika Iyer and Akon then you can click on the link given below

The lyrics of Chammak Challo

Check out the full video of chammak challo with Hamsika Iyer’s voice tamil lyrics.



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