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Rakhi Sawant as Chammak Challo

Rakhi Sawant as Chammak Challo imagine. Just Imagine. Is it easy to imagine.Yes quite easy to imagine Rakhi Sawant as chammak challo.With years in bollywood and on Television screen with a quite a few scandals in her kitty this overtly outspoken item girl Rakhi Sawant needs no special introduction.

Rakhi Sawant is annoyed with SRK for giving Kareena Kapoor the chammak challo song.She claims that the song would have been a much more bigger hit had she was the chammak challo in the song.

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Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date

Breaking Dawn Movie release date is schedule to be 18 November’11.If everything goes fine it will hit the theater on the plan date itself.But are everyone are ready for this movie.Summit  Entertainment want to make sure for that.As a consequense production house has decided to re release all the previous movies of he Twilight saga, and they’re tossing in a few extra goodies just to sweeten the deal.


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Story of Kareena Kapoor’s Heroine

Reports are going round that plot of Heroine is inspired by the life of Manisha Koirala. Madhur Bhandarkar though is denying this news but it is said that it is a story about a actor who has climbed success ladder very early in her career but when downward slope comes her entire life goes upside down. For various reason her acting career as well her personal life is completely shaken which also shakes her as a person as well.

Kareena Kapoor  will be portraying this character. Whether or not but this is was also seen happening with Manisha Koirala. With hit movies like Saudagar, Bombay and ‘1942: A Love Story’ and many other Manisha was a hot favorite of every one in bollywood. But this instant rise also brought an instant setback in her career. She started giving one flop movie after another, her marriage is also on rocks, she remains heavily drunk.

But what will be the end of the movie Heroine is yet to know. For that we have to wait for the movie to release.

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Chikani Chameli

Chikani Chameli

Kombdi Padali…, have you heard these words before.Surely you must have heard it.It is the famous hit Marathi song whose hindi version is Chikani Chameli.Yes Chikani Chameli is the adaptation of Kombdi Padali.The original track is composed by Ajay-Atul who creates music for Marathi cinema.Vaishali Samant is the original singer of Kombdi padali song but Ajay-Atul went for Shreya Ghosal for the Chikani Chameli as they think Shreya suits for the song and this was also the production house call that Dharma Production. Such is the hidden talent in our local cinema that it attracts the main stream cinema and inspire their work.

Chikani Chameli


Ajay-Atul though not all togther a new names in bollywood .They came into attention with their music in Singham which the duo says that demands the marathi music as the movie was based in Maharashtra as its background. The duos other famous marathi tracks like Jau Dyana Ghari and Apsara Aali. These tracks also comes under the list of superhit song.


Bollywood already has many reamkes of Telugu and Tamil cinema like Wanted,Ghajani,Ready,Bodyguard etc. Even Tamil song like Kolaveri di has been acclaimed across the nation.Regional languages are included in the lyrics of the songs to give it a creative touch recent example being chamak challo of Ra.one.

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Dhanush in Dubai

Dhanush sang Kolaveri di song in the Asianet Film awards 2012 at Dubai film city and rocked the entire stage. People were dazzle by Dhanush. But he won the heart of everyone present their by heing very humble and down to earth. Obviously the success of Kolaveri di hasn’t went into the head of Dhanush. Watch the video to know it.

By the way Kolaveri di is very popular in Gulf especially in Dubai. Night party goers specially request to play this song when they hit the dance floor at clubs. DJs of different Dubai clubs are inventing and remixing the song to play on the floor.


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Box Office Collection of Agneepath

After the bumper opening of the movie Agneepath, the movie continued its good run for the weekend as well.  Agneepath has garnered approximately Rs. 69 crore in the first weekend. It raked in Rs. 23 crore, Rs. 12.75 crore. Rs. 15.85 crore and Rs. 17.5 crore on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively. On the other end, Bodyguard had collected Rs. 85.5 crore in its first weekend. Though the average of Hrithik starer movie is much better as it has collected this amount in 4 days weekend while Salman starer Bodyguard has 5 days weekend.

Latest statics about the box office report of Agneepath is very good. The movie continue to do well both domestic and in oversea market. In fact Agneepath has earned 750 millions already in its first week. Trade gurus are of opinion that in absence of any big film release in coming Friday, the movie should continue to do well. If everything goes well Agneepath will soon join 1 billion club.

Agneepath has enter into the 100 crore club within 11 days. With no big release and average response for Gali Gali Chor Hai the film is expected to go stronger for another week.

The film got the most advantage of national holiday that is republic day and also the heavy star cast.

The film was already eagerly waited due to the various hit songs like chikani chameli, o saiyyan. Also Agneepath was the remake of older agneepath which was a huge hit in its own time.

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Kolavaeri di

Sonu Nigam’s Son Nevvan sings milk version of Kolaveri

It is only 5 days for Kolaveri to hit the internet official and many teasers are coming up almost everyday.Among one of them is adaptation of the Harwinder singh slapping Sharad Pawar episode.Check out this teaser of of Kolaveri di as Why this Kolaveri jee.It already has 7 lakhs views.

Some more remix of Kolaveri di are coming up.This time it is Karunanidhi asking why her daughter is still in prison.It is the best teaser i have seen. Check it out.And yes this one is not in broken English but video quality is not so good still worth a watch.

These days everyone is suffering from kolaveri fever.All are finding ways to cash on the craze of Kolaveri.Amul is also into the race.Though not through video and recording a teaser but Amul is using kolaveri in print ad.

Kolavaeri di You can see the Amul girl enjoing a slice of bread with Amul butter with a man probably Dhanush in a shooting break.Under Amul mascot its written Why  THi Try This Buy This




Creativeness is going rampage on Kolaveri di. DJ Adee and RJ Roshan has come up with kolaveri di in Gujrati version

Now there are some people who just loved the music of the Kolaveri song but its lyrics are a problem couldn’t connect with the tanglish lyrics of the kolaveri song.For such people kolaveri song in purely tamil version has hit the internet. Chech it out.

Nevvan Nigam. Have you heard this name before. While Dhanush made lover jilted Kolaveri di famous Nevvan Nigam is making milk version of Kolaveri di which is also becoming fast popular.Nevvan Nigam is the son of Sonu Nigam and in the video Nevvan and Sonu along with the family could be seen. The kid has the same chocolate features like his father and no doubt the voice as well.


View all the top 10 version of kolaveri di at times of india.

Now you can also hear Kolaveri di with punjabi beats and they are fast paced so even can think of dancing bangra on it. Catch it and hope you all will like this kolaveri di in a new punjabi avatar.


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Ferrari Ki Sawaari Trailer

At last our wait to see the trailer of Ferrari ki Sawaari is at last over. I was eagerly waiting for it due to two reason. First it will be first time we will se Sharman Joshi to play a lead role in a solo hero movie.Till date we have seen him in multistarrer movies. Though known for his comic timing and good  and natural acting skills never got a chance to carry a movie all alone on his shoulders. But with Ferrari ki Sawaari this drought will end. Last reason to have an idea how creative the movie will be.

Indeed after seeing the trailer i was not disappointed. The trailer starts with the song All Is Well from 3 Idiots a super duper hit movie from Vidhu Vinod Camp based on the novel Five Point Something by Chetan Bhagat. And I was left wondering from where All is Well came in Ferrai ki Sawarri. But then suddenly Aamir Khan and Madhavan disappears leaving behind Sharman who is having a joyful ride in Ferrari of course red in color.

Talaash trailer which were scheduled to release with Don2 movie has been put in the cold storage now.As the trailers are not up to expectation of the Aamir.But instead of Talaash Ferrari ki Sawari trailers were  launched.

New trailer of Ferrari ki Sawari has been released. Vidhu Vinod claims the movie to be comedy but there was nothing funny in the trailer which would make you laugh. Check it out.

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Veena Malik as Channo copycat of Chikani Chameli

Veena Malik whom we can safely say Rakhi Sawant of Pakistan will soon hit the sliverscreen with the film Gali Gali Chor Hai. She is currently shooting for the item song for this movie named Channo. The dress up of Venna Malik is simialr to Katrina Kaif in Chikani chameli with only difference is in the intensity of exposure and sensuousness.

In the song, Veena is seen wearing a cleavage-revealing embellished choli and a garish lehanga worn way below the belly button. Like Chikani Chameli, Veena too is seen surrounded by a bunch of men who look like thugs.

Unlike Katrina Kaif in chikani chameli, Veena Malik is wearing big size jewellery with those earring, nose ring and mangtika and ofcourse waistband written Channo. One can see the wiastband if you look at her waist or a liitle below. But Katrina as chikani chameli has kept her look very simple with minimum jewel. Katrina is very a very small nose pin and simple jhumkas nothing gaudy.

Though the shooting of the song Channo is yet not finish but making of channo is already on net. Check it out.


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Dookudu has not only  taken Andhra Pradesh  with storm but also Mumbai.Normally telugu film never gets such a wide release in Mumbai due to the poor response over there.But this time things are different with Dookudu.It was released in 13 cinema halls of Mumbai and the response was overwhelming.

Dookudu ia already a super-duper hit in Andhra Pradhesh.The movie also has set another record in the United States, screened in 79 theaters, the highest ever for a telugu movie. The film was expected to start with flying colors but no one thought  that it will be such a big hit. Dookudu has already grossed above 1 million after its release till date including USA and other parts of India. A telugu film doing such a good business in each corner of the world wherever released is something unheard.Not even this Dookudu is going stronger with each passing day.

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