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Download Movie Jodi Breakers for Free

As soon as a movie releases it download comes on the internet. But they are not always good quality links. Some are hall prints and others are so irritating that it is better not to watch. But here is a very good Bly ray print quality link for the movieJodi Breaker.


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Anirudh to perform in IPL

It a hot breaking news. Anirudh Ravichander music composer of the super duper hit song Kolaveri di is said to be approached by big boss of IPL association to give a live performance in the inaugural of the next season of IPL. Anirudh has accepted the offer and no doubt a huge breakthrough in his career will make or  his future. Although his future already looks bright. Reports are going round that bcci will also approach Arjun Coomaraswamy and Neevan Nigam to also perform in IPL 2012. But these reports are yet to confirm. Arjun is the one who sung english version of Kolaveri di and Nevvan Nigam son of Sonu Nigam has sung milk version of Kolaveri di. Both the version are very popular among the audience.

All the Best.

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Meaning of Chammak Challo

Meaning of Chammak Challo

Meaning of  Chammak Challo could be very subjective. There is no objective meaning of chammak challo.As many people you ask what does chammak challo means the equal number of meaning will come up.

Chammak Challo the track from Ra One has become a rage among all the music lovers What has caught the attention of people the most is  the word  the Chamak Challo.People are searching frantically to know the meaning of chammak challo. since this term is not exactly used for your ladylove.

In hindi and urdu language it is not a good word to address a woman.It is more like a teaser, a slang used for women who overdress and show off. The word Chamak Challo reminds one memorable moment of my life.In a  film shoot which first time i managed to watch at  Saputara hill station it was for the first time I’ve heard this word Chamak Challo. In the scene some tapories were eve teasing the heroine by calling her chamak challo till the hero came to her rescue.

If I try to extract the individual word meaning then the word Chammak means shining glittering and challo may mean girl.It is  this positive meaning of chammak challo used in RaOne . It sounds more as compliment then as a teaser.Shahrukh here in the song is trying to woo the sizzling Kareena Kapoor in red sari by calling her  Chamak Challo which actually here means “beautiful girls,” “lovely girls,” “shining girls.” “sparkling girls”.After listening to the song  I was completely bold by the creativity of the Shahrukh and Vishal-Shekhar’s team. Their good work has given lovers another word Chamak Challo to compliment their ladylove.

In hindi dictionary the nearest word to Challo is Challa something round which could be a  ring, bangles or even anklets. Among this anklets is closet in my thinking.So imagine a woman wearing anklets walking with cross strides with a jingling sound from the anklet we usually call them also chammak challo.

Ra.One ‘s song Chammak challo has changed the enitre meaning of Chammak Challo. The song has made the word chammak challo so popular that it is the buzzword in the dictionary of lovers for their wives or girlfriends. Previously it was used by eve-teaser to embarass a girl but now its used as an adjective for a beautifully dressed wife or to cool off an angry girlfriend by saying you’r my chammak challo.

As I worte earlier Chammak challo is a very subjective phrase so as many people will have equal number of meaning.In one such incident in lunch all my colleague where discussing when this one gentleman came up with yet another meaning of chammak challo. According to him chammak challo means “matak matak ke jo chale usse chammak challo kehete hai.

Whatever may be the meaning one thing is for sure it is right now the most trendy compliment girls are getting from their lovers.


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katy perry

Katy Perry’s Part of Me 3D Poster

katy perryKaty Perry today on twitter posted the 3D poster of her upcoming movie Part of Me.

The picture shows Katy in a messy dressing room where she is singing in style with her hair brush as microphone and the image of superstar in the mirror.

Watch the trailer of Part of Me


Katy Perry unveils ‘Part of Me’ 3D movie poster

Published Friday, May 18 2012, 19:12 BST | By Jennifer Still | 3 comments

Katy Perry has unveiled the theatrical poster for her upcoming 3D concert film Part of Me.

The Teenage Dream star released the photograph, which bears the tagline “Be yourself and you can be anything”, via her Twitter account, teasing the project’s July 5 release date.

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Arjun Coomaraswamy’s English version of kolaveri di

20 million hits for kolaveri di and the English version of kolaveri di already has 2 million hits in the span of 10 days. Like the original song even its different version are also superhit and people loving it like mad. Just like female version by Poonam Kanchi is becoming very popular among youngsters ao is this english version.

A young English singer born in Sri Lanka has come up with mindblowing version of Kolaveri di. Yes if you have surely heard we are talking about Arjun Coomaraswamy. He has sung this song in English. While you hear the song Arjun has kept the feel of the song same. Same music, same tune, and to lieu of respect to the original song we can hear Dhanush voice as well in it. Only the lyrics has change ofcourse but the core meaning of the song remains intact.The English version of ‘Kolaveri di’ has been named ‘How Could you do this to me’

Do follow the link watch and hear and read and sing this song with Arjun.

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