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Female singer of Kolaveri song

As soon as kolaveri song sung by Dhanush became a rage many teasers and rip off started coming up inorder to encash on the popularity of Kolaveri. Among them the one caught the attention was the singer of female version of Kolaveri di.Not much is known about the lady singer.Her name is also unknown.But till we know a little about her lets just enjoy her effort to copy the kolaveri song.

The woman in question, who is enjoying her minutes of fame on the social networking sites, earlier had only two other videos to her credit which are now attracting attention and getting her applauds. When contacted via email, unwilling to reveal her identity, the reluctant soup girl responds, “We are creating our new video. We’ll surely get back to you once we finish this project.” Now that’s what we call, making the best of everything for as long as it lasts.

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Mahesh Babu to sing for Businessman

Like Dhanush,now Telugu superhero Mahesh Babu is all set  to sing a theme song for his upcoming movie Businessman along with the producer of the movie Puri. They are also suppose to come up with the video of making of the song.

Now we have to wait to see if the song create the same sensation and craze like Kolaveri by Dhanush.

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Dhanush as he is better known is a multi talented son of the famous Kasthuri Raja of Kollywood cinema. Dhanush is right now a hot discussion topic almost everywhere.And if you are not living in another planet you will definitely know why.

Dhanush is a famous tamil actor, occiasion lyricist and singer has taken notice of entire nation by his song kolaveri.After Ra. One song chammak challo with English, Hindi and Tamil lyrics has created cyclone among the music lovers Dhanush’s Kolaveri a tanglish song is proving to be tsunami. Why this Kolaveri di, a song penned and sung by Dhanush for his upcoming movie 3 has gone viral on cyberspace with more than 5.5 million YouTube hits just under 10 days of its release online.

Rajinikanth’s son in law Dhanush thinks that he has a very bad voice and only directors who want filth voice for their movie approaches him to sing the song. He thinks that its simple broken English lyrics and simple tone had made the real difference to the song.People can approach to the song and could relate to the situation.Whatever Dhanush says about his voice but his drunkard style singing has won millions of heart and you will find even stars like Big B,Karan Johar, Abhishekh Bacchan twitting about Kolaveri song.Among other Farah Khan is also caught by the Kolveri viral and is very keen to choreograph the song if offered.According to her it will be a big challenge to choreograph a love failure song like Kolaveri di.

But Dhanush is right now not thinking about the success of his Kolaveri song.It is his latest release movie Mayakkam Enna is what he thinking about.Mayakkam Enna has received a mixed response from public and critics but definitely Kolaveri craze will add have its positive effects on the movie business.


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Dhanush in Dubai

Dhanush sang Kolaveri di song in the Asianet Film awards 2012 at Dubai film city and rocked the entire stage. People were dazzle by Dhanush. But he won the heart of everyone present their by heing very humble and down to earth. Obviously the success of Kolaveri di hasn’t went into the head of Dhanush. Watch the video to know it.

By the way Kolaveri di is very popular in Gulf especially in Dubai. Night party goers specially request to play this song when they hit the dance floor at clubs. DJs of different Dubai clubs are inventing and remixing the song to play on the floor.


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Flash Mob at Auckland and Mumbai on Kolaveri di song

Till now we were showered with the different kolaveri di version coming in different language from all across India people were using it to express their feelings and raising issues with this song be it political economical or emotional. All where getting their outlet through this song Kolaveri di. Not only kolaveri di but even its various versions were also getting equal popularity and hits on internet.

So this was the story of various version of kolaveri di coming up almost everyday but now in Auckland New Zealand a flash mob was organised on Indian Musical at Britomart Queens street. The flash stars with three guys dancing with many joining them as the song progress.Check out the videos though both videos are covers from the same flash mob but from different angles so you can see what missed in the other video.


But flash mob in Auckland cannot match the number of people their energy and enthusiasm of the flash mob organized in  Churchgate, Mumbai at evening. The flash mob was organized by Mumbai Mirror lead by Dhanush. When Dhanush started he was joined by three hundreds of younsters singing with Dhanush the song kolaveri di. Thousands of people both into the station and also outside became the spectator to this mob. Choreographed by ace choreographer Terrance Lewis, the group comprised of college students, office-goers, housewives and a couple of foreigners. All had practiced for the last three days for the performance and had taken out time to be part of the mob.The spectators went mad to watch Dhaush and singing Kolaveri di which has became the younganthem of the country.But the show did not end there. The youth around weren’t willing to let go of the Kolaveri di singer, so the crowd moved to Oval Maidan, a playground close to the station and the madness continued out in the open.


If you remember Mumbai also witness its first flash mob on 27th November where 200 younsters gathered on CST and danced on Rang de Basanti track.

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South Stars will feature in Bollywood Sky

Lately it was a trend in bollywood to make remakes of South hit movie. Wanted, Ready, Ghazini, Bodyguard etc are the examples. All of them were superhit movies of South and their remakes became super duper hit in Bollywood.

After script, Bollywood is now welcoming the south stars to be part of hindi movies. It started with Prithviraj Sukumar signing film Aiyya opposite Rani Mukherjee. Ram Charan Tej will be seen in the remake of Zanjeer. And latest addition in this series is of Dhanush.

Kolavari singer has been signed by Aanand L Rai  for his next project Raanjhnaa.

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Abhishek says no to the Hinglish version of Kolaveri di

Earlier the news was going round that Abhishek will be sing the hinglish version of kolaveri di. But in his recent twit he has said no as this songs belongs to Dhanush. Though Dhanush is very interested in the hinglish version of the song.


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Visuals of Kolaveri di song

Shooting of the most popular song of 2011 kolaveri di has begun on 4th Jan at VGP Golden Beach. It is a very famous beach of Chennai. The kind of response kolaveri di has got nation wide and also all around the world shooting of kolaveri di in the beach will be no easy task.

Ashwariya Dhanush the director of 3 which is also her debutant movie says that they will take 3 to 4 days to complete the picturization of the song.The song will be picturised on Dhanush.

As it is a popular number these days we can expect a some creativeness in the visual of the song as well. The wait is over. The video of kolaveri di is on you tube once again.


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Aamir Khan’s new movie Talaash

What is common between chammak challo song of Ra.one, Kolaveri song of 3 and now the latest Aamir Khan’s looks in his film Talaash.The common point is that film producers wanted to keep them under the under till the right time comes and they were secretly leaked out on internet.

talaashNow its the first look of Aamir Khan’s movie Talaash posters were leaked on internet.But according to Farhan the poster of Talaash is yet to be finalised and it will be released along with the theatrical trailor with the movie Don 2 which also happens to be another movie directed and produced by Farhan.

Talaash is said to be thriller movie where Aamir plays the role of a chop. It is said that this film is the remake of South Indian Hit Movie…Vetaiaadu Vilayadu acted by Kamal Hassan and Jothyka.

Talaash is co produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani along with Aamir Khan.This movie also stars Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerj.


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